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Here are the most recent environment articles:

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       When you think of vegetarians you think the crazy people; the one who gives up the juicy burgers and the thick steaks. About 5% of the US population is vegetarian, and I myself am one. As I am another form of a... (more »)
GMO: The Reality, Risks and Effects
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There are many foods that have been genetically modified. How many do you know of? Did you know Cottonseed? Canola oil? Alfalfa? Papaya? The earliest these foods have been GM (genetically modified) was 1994. ( We should have the... (more »)
Oil Derailments Gone Wild
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There are hundreds of gallons oil transported every day and if there is a crash all that oil can spill on the ground, in lakes, or river and cases a big mess. Oil transportation needs to be safer for the environment so there won’t be as... (more »)
Is Nuclear Energy the Way to Go?
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Has anyone ever looked up at the big bright sun and thought “Gosh, wouldn’t it be neat if that star could generate enough energy to power 288 trillion light bulbs?” If anyone has, they’d be right. The sun as everyone... (more »)
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West Waukesha Bypass
Imagine this. You are in a peaceful neighborhood and every morning at the crack of dawn the morning doves sing to bring the residents to wake. The town is silent until the kids go out to play in the brilliant sun but is drowned in the refreshing... (more »)
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Rainforests once covered 14% of the Earths surface, now they cover a mere 6%. It is impossible to tell exactly how much of the Rainforest is being destroyed but experts estimate upwards of 80,000 acres each day. The Rainforest is home to about... (more »)
Environment Essay
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The environment is something everyone around the world often takes for granted. In my essay I’m going to talk about water pollution. Water pollution is harming many sea creatures at this minute. Too many people litter in water sources giving... (more »)
Genetically Engineered Crops Helping Third...
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Try living a day without food, and hear your stomach growl. Try living in a place where there’s constant climate change, and the food you try to plant can’t even grow.   According to the United States Food and... (more »)
A Defense of Nature
We were born from the womb under Earth’s crust. Mother nature morphed our spirits and molded our bodies with delicate fingers that held us up. Life was created and we were apart of the ever pleasant design. We were created to live... (more »)
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A snowcovered peak, hidden between straggly dead trees, lies at the end of a distant Sussex road. When temperatures drop and skies flood with grey, puffy snow blows over Ausblick Ski Hill. Every Sunday, I awake to the chirp of my little... (more »)
The Extinction, The Environment and The...
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It is common knowledge that the Amazon Rainforest is often referred to as the lungs of the earth—in fact, all of our forests make up this vital organ of ours. So why is that according to the IUCN, we’ve cleared 6 million hectares of... (more »)
Oil Spills
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Transporting oil can be very dangerous, not only to people, but also for the wildlife that lives in the ocean beneath. There are many reasons why shipping oil could be safer, but what about easier? Have we ever tried shipping oil in an airplane?... (more »)
Waukesha County Treasure
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Picture yourself as a kid. You’re on your way to your favorite place in the whole world...the park. You look out your car window and begin ecstatically jumping at the sight of it. You finally arrive and your mom’s car is parked. You... (more »)
Wisconsin Snowmobiling
Wisconsin is a wonderful state to be in. There are numerous activities to be involved in, in this wonderful state.  But one of the most popular activities that takes place during the winter months and is very enjoyable to a lot of people... (more »)
Empty the Tanks
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SeaWorld should be banned from keeping whales and large sea mammals in captivity. Every day, hordes of tourists flock to the aquarium turned theme park. Children gape in wonder at the giant killer whales, jumping in perfect arcs, following... (more »)
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I woke up today, not for the purpose of school or to hear about how the world is crumbling at the base. Nor did I wake up today to hear about how there are white men killing black men. How the president is screwing up our government. I woke up... (more »)
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