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Here are the most recent environment articles:

Prevent Global Warming
By , Houston, TX
The sea level continues to rise and we must do something about it. Global warming is causing the sea level to elevate. The rise of global climate because of the increase of greenhouse gases. Also the worsening of natural phenomena. Global... (more »)
Should We Stop Using Fossil Fuel Because of the...
By , Houston, TX
Using fossil fuels are extremely harmful to the ecosystem. The pollution caused by fossil fuels is so terrible that animal is feeling the negative change on earth. The effects of using fossil fuel are extremely devastating causing pollution,... (more »)
Why Solar Panels Should Be Cheaper
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have you ever paid your electricity bill and thought it was to much, well then I have the answear for you and that is a tool called a solar panel. Solar panels are these machines that convert sun light into energy that goes into your house to... (more »)
global warming
By , Lansing, MI
Global warming affects food production, natural habitats and rising sea-levels. One source of global warming is carbon dioxide in greenhouses. Gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Farmers produce roughly, thirty-seven and sixty-five percent... (more »)
Endangered Aniamls
By , Kalamazoo, MI
Why are  animals endangered? Animals  became  endangered  because  we  kill  them  for  food,  fun,  and  some  people  think  it’s  cool.  Some ... (more »)
Beverly Hills Yearning for Earth
By , Simi Valley, CA
Cities across the United States that have noteworthy amounts of vacant land are debating whether to foster community gardens on that property, while cities with land shortages are discussing when to replace gardens for other uses. The city of... (more »)
My Neighborhood
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For the most part, a person’s childhood neighborhood will always be remembered because it’s a part of them that will always hold a significance to them. For me, my neighborhood is exactly that. There are so many memories that began... (more »)
Fuel Conservation: A Perspective
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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” – Mahatama Gandhi  Clouds are getting greyer; the water is getting blacker and the streets dustier. Have you ever wondered what the Earth might’ve... (more »)
Think twice
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Agriculture has advanced in variety of ways since the Green Revolution. So much, that our greatest concern should be the amount of food wasted each year. According to the EDA, America wasted 33 million tons of food in 2010. If that number is... (more »)
A Hundred Thousand More
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A wise man once told me that planting heals not just the soil but its beauty heals the eyes. And that man told me to plant a hundred thousand and more. It was 2012 engage myself into our community--- to immerse and to learn “how to... (more »)
The Importance of the Environment
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What is Environment? How important Environment is? Do people nowadays appriciate Environment like what it should be? Do people care about thoose trash and pollution there making every single minutes in there life? Obviosly NO! People nowadays do... (more »)
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Think about this carefully. Pre history. Pre history is the stuff we don’t know about it’s the stuff that’s not in the text books. The things we don’t learn in school. Because we can’t. Pre history is crazy if you think about it.... (more »)
Protecting the Environment: One Stable at a Time
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Although we often direct our environmental concerns to widespread and national issues, we must open our eyes to a local and important environmental issue: trash looming in horse stables.        Despite the endless... (more »)
Water Safety
On boats you need to be safe and wear right gear, so you won’t get severely injured while out on the boat. This gear includes life jacket, life raft, handheld VHF radio, fire extinguisher. It is important that when you are finding the... (more »)
The Way To End Animal Testing
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More than 100 million animals suffer from animal testing every year.  Even if they do not die, hundreds of thousands of animals are used in painful experiments everyday. The conditions in labs are brutal, and the testing is extremely painful. ... (more »)
Why Not to Eat Whale Meat
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You might believe that whaling should continue to keep whale meat as a food source, but the truth of the matter is that whale meat shouldn’t be consumed. In the 19th and 20th centuries, commercial whaling was a large market because whales... (more »)
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