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Safety for Whales at Sea World
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Seaworld is considered by most a wonderful, fun place to bring children and family for an entertaining show, but in reality, many of the killer whales are being abused on a daily basis. A former worker from Seaworld attested to the fact that... (more »)
A Growing World Without the Resources to...
By , New Orleans, LA
The global population is continuing to grow but our agricultural resources are in danger of not being able to keep up.  It is the responsibility of those living in wealthy countries, who have access to the technology and machinery that can... (more »)
Dear Litterer
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Dear Anonymous, To the person who litters…. Why do you do it? Don’t you want that piece of Mc Donald's rapper, or that take out chinese box as a reminder of that delectable meal? Growing up in a neighborhood filled with people who are... (more »)
Beauty & Beyond
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 "The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most... (more »)
If I Was the Mayor of Jacksonville This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 I have always wanted to make an great impact on multiple lives in some way. When I was little I had aspiring hopes to maybe become president one day. Although that doesn't seem very practical anymore something that would suit me would... (more »)
Life Is Not a Bed of Roses
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with the birth of a child in a family,the parents start worrying about the future! can worrying or merely imagining the future set thing right? I am a firm beliver of: Man poses and GOD diposes!  all our lives from birth to the... (more »)
The Rain
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Drip. Drip. Drip The soothing and almost addicting sound of raindrops falling from the sky, one by one. The sky’s gray face stares down onto the now soaked and cold earth. Rain is unwanted, stereotyped to make a day turn... (more »)
A United Community
By , Wilmington, CA
As in every community, my community has many problems that need to be fixed. These problems, for the most part, are the fault of those who make up the community.We are not perfect but if we work together as a team we can reach many goals and... (more »)
Is a Fast Food Environment Good?
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 In today's society,lots of people  choose  fast food for their meals. But is it a good idea to  choose fast food? I don't think that is a good idea because the more people eat fast food, for most adverse is the... (more »)
Earthquake Madness
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Buildings, architecture, the structures that fascinate us when we look at them, but little did you know that an shock in the ground have made these structures fall, debris falling down and crushing anything that is in it’s way even... (more »)
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What is a Natural Disasters, waves with a lot of pressure that can kill more than person, since who knows when. Tsunamis is a type of natural disaster, that happened when a huge multiple waves come in every 20 minutes. The destruction of a... (more »)
Earthquake: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
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What’s the worst natural disaster ? well in my mind it’s a earthquake .why because you can’t run or hide. You can never predict them scientest have  tryed to predict them and have no foolproof plan to predict earthquakes... (more »)
Attack on Tsunamis
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 What is a natural disaster? Natural disasters are mother nature killing mass amounts of people, tsunamis are natural disasters that had killed mass amounts for thousands of years. A tsunami is a huge wave of water. A tsunami is caused by... (more »)
Natural Disasters
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Hurricanes are the most deadliest natural disaster.Hurricanes develop in warm, tropical regions when the water is at least 80 degrees fahrenheit. Hurricanes after start as clusters of clouds and thunderstorms called disturbances Hurricanes can... (more »)
Hurricane Madness
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When i first watched 2012 i realized how much damage hurricanes can do then it became the worst natural disaster to experience let me explain. Natural disasters are mother nature's killing mass, a hurricane is a big storm. A hurricane is caused... (more »)
Lethal Hurricanes
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  How can scientist better predict the way a big storm is going.They can track a big storm by visible clouds in the air with circulation patterns.”Hurricanes develop in warm tropical regions where the water is at least 80 degrees... (more »)
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