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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

Weapon Control
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    Is it guns that kill people, or people that kill people? A big argument can be brought up out of this question, but in my opinion, people kill people. If a gun is sitting next to you, it can’t get up by itself and... (more »)
THH: Liar Liar, World on Fire
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Um, sis. I need to ask a serious question to you. C’mon, this English paper is due tomorrow. What is it? Sis, all the talk in Mrs. Finney’s class—about pollution—it scares me. Oh yeah? Yeah. It’s not really that bad, right?... (more »)
Tap or Bottled
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 Water is everywhere. In drinking fountains and plastic bottles, found in places from vending machines to stores, even tap water from our sinks. All of these different ways to drink water are put into two main categories, bottled water,... (more »)
To Whale or Not to Whale
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The people of the Faroe Islands have been under fire recently about a 1,000 year old tradition called the “grind” where hundreds of whales are herded into a bay by local whalers and slaughtered.  For a country that is, and I... (more »)
Whaling needs to stop
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Whaling needs to stop Non-commercial whaling has the right to continue because whaling is a long standing tradition in many countries cultures, their resources are greatly needed by aboriginal tribes, and people should not interfere with... (more »)
Pollution Not Reduced Enough?
By , Hartland WI, WI
I think that the things that people are doing to reduce pollution aren't working enough to solve our pollution problems. Some things that we use to get around make a lot of pollution. Some things that we think out of can do a lot. the last thing... (more »)
The Best Kind of Energy?
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A problem we have in the US is what kind of energy we are going to use. Many scientists have asked: “Should we use Fossil Fuels or should we use Renewable Energy? There are many pros and cons for both sides.” The world needs power, but no... (more »)
Electric Cars Can Save Your Life
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An issue that’s being debated all over the world is whether or not we should use gas-powered cars. This dilemma has been going on for over 50 years all over the world as countries slowly but steadily are destroying the world as we know... (more »)
Fossil Fuels Will Destroy Our Earth
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Is there a better energy source? Better and less dangerous than fossil fuels? There actually is, people have been debating this topic a lot and they can’t seem to agree with each other. Fossil fuels are dangerous. They are taking away our... (more »)
How Green Is Hunting?
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Is hunting environmentally friendly? This is a very large question, and many have very strong opinions on it. There are two distinct sides to this question, Some saying, hunting is no more than killing innocent animals and it can't possibly be... (more »)
Water Bottles
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Americans bought more than 4 billion gallons of water in one year. Don’t you think that is a lot of water for one year? The topic we are going to be talking about is bottled water. Water bottles are bad for the environment and we should... (more »)
Should We Continue Whaling?
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 Whaling for commercial purposes should be internationally outlawed, and the outlaw should be subjugated by the countries of the world. It is cruel to whales, the meat is not needed, and it does not greatly influence the world economy.... (more »)
THH: Summons to the Guardians of Planet Earth
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I, the Pale Blue Dot, a home of intelligent life; I, the third child of the sun, I, this fearless voyager into the vast expanse of observable universe: I call you to action. From the hearth of my soaring canyons and mountains, you, my... (more »)
Is Pollution Getting Worse?
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Pollution is a huge worldwide problem. Many people don’t know the bad things they are doing to the planet, pollution is one of those many things. But, people are doing things that are helping reduce pollution. Some things that are working... (more »)
Climate Change
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Recently in science class, I watched a video on how the greenhouse effect causes climate change through global warming. Pollution is one of the greatest impacts on climate change and will continue to grow as a problem. If you didn’t... (more »)
Global Warming
By , Medan, Indonesia
World has been lived by thousands of species for hundreds millions of year. As the year past by more and more creative and innovative idea is created. People no longer live in the traditional era with flambeau as their lights, as there is LED... (more »)
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