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Here are the most recent environment articles:

Do Not Take Life for Granted
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The thing that I hate the most is when people don’t appreciate life and how far you can go if you make the right decisions. Some people say “what’s the point were going to die anyway” “life is short”... (more »)
Lights in the Sky
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When you  here this title you think the stars right, well not in this case I live In a small city called Harrisonburg, and I like to study the stars, but  when I look up in the night its almost like its five o clock in the morning. So... (more »)
Why the Environment is So Important
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Imagine possessing something that you loved so much. Imagine what it would feel like losing it. While that item may be something as simple as a doll, toy, or game, you would still feel very upset, but you could replace it with a new one. Now... (more »)
'The Poetry of Earth Is Never Dead'
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‘ We kill all caterpillars and then complain of no butterflies’. John Marsden had quite rightly quoted. All I remember of my days in my grandmother’s village, is lying down on the soft, green grass, under my favorite... (more »)
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It is sad that bullying has just become part of our environment, You cant go anywhere with seeing some kind of bullying. But the worst type of bullying I think is cyberbullying because most of the time it is under a fake user name so the person... (more »)
Unnoticed Surroundings
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Have you looked up at the sky recently? Sometimes, at this age, we're so consumed by the things we have to do that we simply forget to look at our surroundings and relax. It's not just about finally getting to sleep in on a Saturday or hanging... (more »)
10 Things to Make the World a Better Place
 1 We can have a limit of cutting down trees every year. 2 Instead of driving cars we could use busses to other places. 3 Stop forest fires and trash on the free way we could clean the free way. 4. Oil pollution stop cars and boats from... (more »)
Climate Change Against Global Warming
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Do you believe in Global Warming? Well you shouldn’t and I’m going to tell you why. If we are under the stakes of ‘Global Warming’ then how are we having some of the coldest Winters in the past decade then ever before?... (more »)
What A Wonderful World It Is!
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One must stop and smell the roses more often. Take a break from your hectic and unstoppable race of life and carefully notice your surroundings. Something curious?? No? Well, that’s most often no one will ever think how those tiny ants can... (more »)
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more than bones
By , cadiz, KY
I was sitting down eating with my family when I looked over at my youngest brother, he was turning his head and chewing loudly. I stared at him for a long period of time just thinking. Thinking about the structure, the skin, his bones, and... (more »)
It's That Time of Year Again
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Once every three months, one season ends, and another begins. It is pretty self-explanatory. From the time we were three, we knew this. When I was little, my favorite seasons were summer and winter. I liked summer because it was warm, and... (more »)
That's So Wrong
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In my community it is too much crime. Just today It was domestic violence. I thought to myself what kind of world are we living in. In the heights people are getting killed mostly every week. Is the whole world going to be like Compton. It was... (more »)
There’s No Dark When There’s a Bark
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Hairy, spontaneous, caring, silent, playful and curious, dogs, one of the most marvelous additions to earth. Those who don't believe in love probably have yet to own a dog, and those who do believe in love but haven't owned a dog are... (more »)
We’ve probably all done it at once. Some of us don’t even think about it when we do it. We litter. We “trash” the world around us like we own the planet. The truth is, the planet won’t survive at the rate that... (more »)
In today’s economy everyone is always talking about recycling, and how it can help the world. The majority of the population do recycle but there is still a percentage of the population that either don’t care to recycle or just... (more »)
Say No to Seaworld
Going to SeaWorld as a little girl was amazing but is now a place I would never go again. I advise no one to pay money to SeaWorld’s cruelties. There are many issues with SeaWorld that many people are blind to. It is a cruel place that is... (more »)
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