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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

Oil Spills
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Transporting oil can be very dangerous, not only to people, but also for the wildlife that lives in the ocean beneath. There are many reasons why shipping oil could be safer, but what about easier? Have we ever tried shipping oil in an airplane?... (more »)
Wisconsin Snowmobiling
Wisconsin is a wonderful state to be in. There are numerous activities to be involved in, in this wonderful state.  But one of the most popular activities that takes place during the winter months and is very enjoyable to a lot of people... (more »)
Empty the Tanks
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SeaWorld should be banned from keeping whales and large sea mammals in captivity. Every day, hordes of tourists flock to the aquarium turned theme park. Children gape in wonder at the giant killer whales, jumping in perfect arcs, following... (more »)
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I woke up today, not for the purpose of school or to hear about how the world is crumbling at the base. Nor did I wake up today to hear about how there are white men killing black men. How the president is screwing up our government. I woke up... (more »)
Sunny Skies and Smiles
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I’m in love with summer. It’s my absolute favorite time of the entire year, and not just because my high school takes a vacation for two months. This season lights me up inside as bright as its characteristic sunshine. As soon as the... (more »)
Let's Heal the World
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We live in a tiny speck in the ocean of the universe, surrounded by problems- social, environmental, economical- we are all disturbed by them. Yet, we contribute little or nothing for the ailing world that shelters us. This was the... (more »)
The Love of Weather
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Ever since I was a little kid I can remember sitting on the porch watching thunderstorms with my dad.  Watching and studying the weather has always been one of my passions.  I have always loved the weather and I plan on becoming a storm... (more »)
The Summer Morning
By , Defiance, OH
8:53 a.m. My eyes open as I awake from the restful slumber and memories of the past day are unaware to me for a few moments before its events rush back to my mind.  I then realize where I am and what day it is.  While my brain wakes... (more »)
I Have a Dream... of an Eco-Friendly World!
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I have a dream of a world filled with opportunities, wonders and riches. A world wherein value is placed on the things that truly matter – not money or status or fame, but on the many wonders of life, on the uniqueness of each individual and... (more »)
THH: Economics vs. Environment
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Up next is Economics. Economics clears his throat. Economics says hello everybody, good morning and how are you. Economics surprises us. Economics talks about the Arctic situation. Economics says research has gone on to look into the ice and... (more »)
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Heya, my name is Clinton and I’m going to tell you about a certain topic I absolutely love and adore and that topic is… Dinosaurs!!! Yes dinosaurs one of the coolest things on the planet and probably the whole universe. Dinosaurs... (more »)
What is Nature?
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From the moment we are born, we have an innate desire to discover. This craving challenges us from the very beginning. As we grow up, that desire to discover is nurtured with inquisition and continues to grow within us through the years. That... (more »)
A Modest Proposal to Save the Swamp This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     Folks, Florida is being overrun by illegal immigrants. These aliens cross borders without any qualms, and take without cessation without providing any benefit to the state. These immigrants seem to be centered in south Florida,... (more »)
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Something I love Have you ever walked outside at the beginning of a season change? The air smelled different, didn’t it? It smells good, clean, and new. Something that I love most is spring, not just the season itself, but everything that it... (more »)
Editorial:Global Warming
Global warming is becoming a problem in this world. With ice melting,sea levels rising, ozone levels decreasing, the world is becoming a harder place to live. Global warming is an increase of temperature in the Earth's atmosphere caused by the... (more »)
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Globalization is causing Americans to lose jobs.  Globalization is the interaction among people, companies, and government.  It a process from international trade and investment. My first reason is that the U.S. wants to move over... (more »)
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