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Here are the most recent environment articles:

What A Wonderful World It Is!
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One must stop and smell the roses more often. Take a break from your hectic and unstoppable race of life and carefully notice your surroundings. Something curious?? No? Well, that’s most often no one will ever think how those tiny ants can... (more »)
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more than bones
By , cadiz, KY
I was sitting down eating with my family when I looked over at my youngest brother, he was turning his head and chewing loudly. I stared at him for a long period of time just thinking. Thinking about the structure, the skin, his bones, and... (more »)
It's That Time of Year Again
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Once every three months, one season ends, and another begins. It is pretty self-explanatory. From the time we were three, we knew this. When I was little, my favorite seasons were summer and winter. I liked summer because it was warm, and... (more »)
That's So Wrong
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In my community it is too much crime. Just today It was domestic violence. I thought to myself what kind of world are we living in. In the heights people are getting killed mostly every week. Is the whole world going to be like Compton. It was... (more »)
There’s No Dark When There’s a Bark
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Hairy, spontaneous, caring, silent, playful and curious, dogs, one of the most marvelous additions to earth. Those who don't believe in love probably have yet to own a dog, and those who do believe in love but haven't owned a dog are... (more »)
We’ve probably all done it at once. Some of us don’t even think about it when we do it. We litter. We “trash” the world around us like we own the planet. The truth is, the planet won’t survive at the rate that... (more »)
In today’s economy everyone is always talking about recycling, and how it can help the world. The majority of the population do recycle but there is still a percentage of the population that either don’t care to recycle or just... (more »)
Say No to Seaworld
Going to SeaWorld as a little girl was amazing but is now a place I would never go again. I advise no one to pay money to SeaWorld’s cruelties. There are many issues with SeaWorld that many people are blind to. It is a cruel place that is... (more »)
A Sunlight-Powered Future
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 In today’s world, a need for renewable forms of energy is ever growing. Global warming has been accepted as a real threat with serious repercussions for our environment, and we are constantly working on ways to reduce our fossil... (more »)
30 Day Sustainability Challenges
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Wouldn’t it be awesome if just a single person could do something like save the environment?! I think that would be pretty awesome. For a seventeen year old girl, that dream would be hard to do. What about right here and right now.... (more »)
Proud is an Understatement
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With wide open spaces, mountains in all directions, and wildlife free to live in their natural habitats, America has a selection of national parks. Yellowstone National Park importance to Americans; but it makes me feel not only proud to be an... (more »)
Because the World Understands You...If You Let It
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The quiet moments in life, the ones in which you feel the most content, are the moments in which you learn the most about yourself. Those moments when your dreams give color to the world and a sunrise teaches you more than a classroom ever... (more »)
Sharks in Danger
Many people see sharks as “dangerous or scary”, In movies, when have you ever seen a shark that is not attacking a human? Never they are always trying to eat on a human. People think sharks are dangerous because of media and think... (more »)
Pandas are seen in TV shows as sweet and adorable. They are big animals and heavy. They are in movies, skateboards, and restaurants. Pandas are seen in Panda Express because they are mostly in china and symbolize china. They are also in movies... (more »)
Everyone had entered the school by 8:20 am.Every one’s first period was Math with Mr.Smith. No one was thrilled about learning math except for Cindy, she was the smartest girl in the class. The class was about to begin a Unit one test,... (more »)
Alternative Energy Sources
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Right now, the main source of energy consumed by developed nation is fossil fuels. The world is increasing its use of fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource. We will eventually run out of fossil fuels, so we need to find a... (more »)
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