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Most Recent Environment Articles

Here are the most recent environment articles:

In Search of...Happiness
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     Happiness is the most positive feeling which a person feels when likes something or someone. It is not seen, but it can be felt by anyone. There is no limitation for this feeling neither there is any discrimination. Saints and sages are... (more »)
Global Warming: A Threat to the World
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The flood has washed away their land, shelter, food and more importantly, it has snatched their hopes and enthusiasm with its demon-like waves.  The helpless victims are now trying heart and soul to recover from this unfortunate situation.... (more »)
Food for Thought
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Why do clouds turn grey when they are full? I mean, I'm sure there is a scientific reason and all, but why such a depressing color like grey? Or, do we only think of grey as depressing because it symbolizes a raincloud- a cloud that has so much... (more »)
President Obama Endorses Air As Human...
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WASHINGTON D.C.—In a statement made at a White House press conference early Friday morning, President Barack Obama announced his support of air as a human necessity. “I think air is (uhh) something that all people need,” President Obama... (more »)
Is It Too Late to Reverse Man's Damage to...
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If you're like most people, than you prefer to take a car when it comes to getting around, as many teenagers are getting their licenses and beginning to drive; they see the benefits of owning a car, but what most people don't consider is that... (more »)
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As we all know deforestation is the very important and very effective part of the world. In deforestation, the woodcutter cuts thousands of woods which leads to deforestation. If we save more and more pages, then the trees will not be cutted... (more »)
Challenger Deep: Exploration Is Never Done
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There are 12 deep sea trenches that touch down at over 4 miles and they have a combined area larger than North America. These trenches are almost completely unexplored by human meanwhile we focus on the exploration and research of other planets... (more »)
Protection of Endangered Species
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Ever since life began on Earth, species have existed and naturally gone extinct. Many people credit this to natural selection and “survival of the fittest.” Some would argue that since extinction is a natural, normal thing, humans... (more »)
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       When you think of vegetarians you think the crazy people; the one who gives up the juicy burgers and the thick steaks. About 5% of the US population is vegetarian, and I myself am one. As I am another form of a... (more »)
GMO: The Reality, Risks and Effects
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There are many foods that have been genetically modified. How many do you know of? Did you know Cottonseed? Canola oil? Alfalfa? Papaya? The earliest these foods have been GM (genetically modified) was 1994. ( We should have the... (more »)
People Need Clean Water
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Did you know that about 2,000 children 5 years and under die from unsafe drinking water? There are a lot of places in this world that have access to clean water, but there are also places without it, such as India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti and... (more »)
Africa Needs Clean Water
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Africa is one of the places that needs the most clean water and lots and lots of people die from a water related disease or because they can’t get clean water.  People from the United States should go to Africa to teach them how to... (more »)
Oil Derailments Gone Wild
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There are hundreds of gallons oil transported every day and if there is a crash all that oil can spill on the ground, in lakes, or river and cases a big mess. Oil transportation needs to be safer for the environment so there won’t be as... (more »)
Is Nuclear Energy the Way to Go?
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Has anyone ever looked up at the big bright sun and thought “Gosh, wouldn’t it be neat if that star could generate enough energy to power 288 trillion light bulbs?” If anyone has, they’d be right. The sun as everyone... (more »)
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West Waukesha Bypass
Imagine this. You are in a peaceful neighborhood and every morning at the crack of dawn the morning doves sing to bring the residents to wake. The town is silent until the kids go out to play in the brilliant sun but is drowned in the refreshing... (more »)
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Rainforests once covered 14% of the Earths surface, now they cover a mere 6%. It is impossible to tell exactly how much of the Rainforest is being destroyed but experts estimate upwards of 80,000 acres each day. The Rainforest is home to about... (more »)
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