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Here are the most recent environment articles:

Our Jewel
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If the universe were an oyster, Earth would be its pearl. If the solar system were a ruler’s prize possessions, our Earth, undoubtedly, would be the jeweled crown. No other known place - not the dusty, cratered deserts of Mars, the stifling,... (more »)
Would You Rather Regulate or Take Responsibility?
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Over the course of time, the United States government debated whether they should regulate the food industry. The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) was a way to ensure that the food we eat is evaluated and is not dangerous or toxic. Over... (more »)
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Finding myself is interesting in these times of my life. I balance my life between being social, getting good grades, getting good work in, and helping around the house. My life is good so far. I've got A's in all my classes (no missing work)... (more »)
Insomnia or Something Else?
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Lately, I’ve noticed my friends complaining about not being able to sleep at night. When I ask them why, they say that they were up texting or on social networks. When they finally put the device away at past midnight, they lay in bed for... (more »)
What Does Sustainable Development Mean to Me?
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Sustainable development to me signifies the ability to make use of social opportunities in an environmentally friendly fashion without obliterating the potential economic benefits. In order to achieve sustainability as a society it is important... (more »)
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Give water a life, long enough to sustain!
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In this busy world we almost forget the real issues. We don’t give priorties to the things that we owe alot. Water, a life-giving, colorles, non-living essential which is irrelevantly being used by many for unmeaningful purposes every day. Every... (more »)
What is a Dystopia?
By , Portland, OR
What is a dystopia? Well, In a dystopia normally it’s a society typically the antagonist, or is a group actively working against the protagonist which aims and destroys. The roots of of a dystopia is a term to describe and unfavorable society in... (more »)
The World We Live In.
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A speck of dust. A pinch of flour. A droplet of rain in a never ending shower. That is who I am- it is what we are. Because there is a universe out of the one in which we live in. There is discovered and undiscovered worlds. A human similar to you... (more »)
The Important of Sustainable Energy By Individuals
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People revolve around energy. They have to have it to wake up on time, eat, drive, work, and sometimes even sleep. Obviously, they use a lot of it. But if people continue to use it the way they are right now, how sustainable is it? In the essay... (more »)
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Desalination is catching on all over the world. It is believed to be a sustainable way to retrieve freshwater but it is not. People have overlooked the flaws of this system because it seems like such a simple solution to the water crisis we are... (more »)
Smoking Hot Summer!!
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Damn hot in India Friends!!The temperature is at it's peak these days.Smelly sweat and everyone's melting like ice on fire.If we plant more and more bulk of trees on empty places,I am damn sure the temperature will surely fall by a... (more »)
Go Green or Get Out
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Humanity is the best thing that has ever happened to Earth and Earth is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity, but somewhere along the way I think we must have forgotten our responsibility as Earth’s inhabitants ; We need to take... (more »)
Through Open Eyes: A Conservationist's...
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Through closed eyes I see life. I see a lush green forest full of many plants, colors of the rainbow, that flourish wild and free, weaving in and out of the trees. I see towering, authoritative evergreens who rule the area and cast shadows on the... (more »)
Pollute Your Shorts!
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Throughout the years, The Diesel Industry, Automobile Industry, and any other Fuel-related Industry have relied on crude-oil-fuels to power their work. This is great for industrialization but the long term effects are what really matter. Burning... (more »)
Animal Rights
By , Milwaukee, WI
Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president said, “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.” Animals have been injured by animals auctions and being captured. Animals should have rights for being... (more »)
There not Pets
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They're Not Pets I loved going to the zoo and seeing the monkeys, never wanting to leave because I loved watching them climb from limb to limb and play with each other and I always had the urge to go in there cage with them and pet them. I... (more »)
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