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April 25, 2018
By Jayvonte BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Virginia
Jayvonte BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Virginia
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What is balance? Do we see that in Today’s world? Why is it that no matter the steps that we take to make the world a better place we seem to throw ourselves 10 steps back after only making 2 or 3 forward? These are questions that have many answers and seem to be a never ending cycle of undeniably dreadful sin and inconsiderable regards for another man amongst each other as a race.

When you get up in the morning and look on the news its very rare you see anything that can make you believe or smile, all that is there is either unkept promises by a government that would rather use jail as a way to “rehabilitate” instead of paying enough so that some of our nation’s brightest minds can teach the less fortunate and somewhat incompetent and at least give them a chance.

What we have going on in the world today is downright blasphemy, I really cant seem to wrap my head around how the “World’s Greatest Country” can allow literal kids to take the lives of other kids and instead of finding better ways to prevent those things from even happening, the ones that we leave in charge to run our lives would rather debate on whether this obviously very sick and depressed kid should be killed or just given life in prison; and im not even going to get on the fact that if it was a black kid there probably wouldn’t even be a debate going on right now because he wouldn’t have made it to custody, he would’ve been killed on the spot. It’s sickening to know that somebody my age can just get their life taken and just become another story that is going to be used for “Teachers needing to be armed” No!! That isn’t the solution, it never was and never will be.

We as a whole need a leader and need somebody to stop this corrupt, monopoly of a government that we have and make a change.

I’m not sure what it’s going to take for people to realize that things aren’t right but eventually someone will realize that a change has to be made before society has any balance. We can’t throw our own people under the bus and push those in need to the side and just act like things do not matter. Many feels as if somebody isn’t their kin then they have no importance but that’s is not the case. Because God has the power to take away a lot of the things that he blesses some with that others may not have just because of demeanor and how you go about having that.

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