Life Is Not a Bed of Roses

November 25, 2017
By aneeza BRONZE, Bahawalpur, Other
aneeza BRONZE, Bahawalpur, Other
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with the birth of a child in a family,the parents start worrying about the future! can worrying or merely imagining the future set thing right? I am a firm beliver of:

Man poses and GOD diposes! 

all our lives from birth to the graveyard, the journey is and has never been easy for anyone. everyone has their own struggles in life that can not be understood by other people.

to some people,happiness is confined to only luxury and money but there are still people who geniunely care. but the worst is he who is stuck between these two  extremes! 

you all might wonder the author is crazy,well I Am. everyone has their own versions of craziness and this is a part of mine  that i have discoverd in these little years of my life.

Growing up or going thorugh the phase between ending studies and entering the practical world we all must have heard that life is not a bed of roses. ever wondered what is the motto behind this label? it may not be as simple as it sounds or looks to be! 

embracing the bitter realities of the real world is life and it truly isnt a bed of roses! actually everyone has their own versions of struggle based upon the situtaions they are offered in their life.this can be crucial sometimes rather most of the times.

to a poor man,struggle is earning enoughto make both ends meet nicely and to a rich it is to earn more and more even if it costs health happiness or whatever. to some walking is a problem while some dream to walk on their own feet. thats how particular 

ife is at choosing people for difficulties . its a test that barely anyone can go through.

what if we had no struggle? the i guess having no struggle would have been a struggle. Ups and downs are pretty essential, ever wondered why? I suggest sit in a hospital room and observe the ECG machine showing the heart beat going up and down. this if turn straight would be fatal just like if that line on the machine turn straight. edges and curves are the real twist of life! 

running from hardships is no bravery indeed it is utmost disappointment but embracing challenges with will and courage teaches one to step ahead for the bright rays of the sun. 

always remember after every hardship there is peace and afterevery dark there is sunshine. 

The author's comments:

sometimes life becomes unbearable, one must just chunk all the neagtive thoughts and steer the wheel of life in the directions we want our life to go!! 

good luck for life everyone :) 

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