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November 14, 2017
By pata.bird.27 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
pata.bird.27 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Geoff Maddy stares “ I just never thought I’d see anything like this I've been to more than 30 hurricanes and over 35 eruptions ]but sorta thought I seen everything nature could throw out but it's got nothing on this “. Natural disasters are mothers nature's killing a mass amounts of people, A tsunami is a giant wave that comes on land killing 1000’s of people. A tsunami is caused by the plates under the ocean rub against each other causing an earthquake under water. The 2004 tsunami in Sumatra killed about 250,000 people making it the worst tsunami in history. The doctors help people after the tsunami but before there are sensors that try to warn people before the tsunami comes. Therefore the tsunami is the worst natural disaster to experience because it adapts to its environment.

Tsunamis  are caused by the plates beneath the Earth’s crust rubbing against each other
Causing a giant wave to rise. For example, in the tsunami KWL it shows how strong a tsunami is. There are sensors under the sea to detect a tsunami. That is how a tsunami happens.

The destruction of a tsunami is very extreme. In the 2004 sumatra tsunami destroyed every standing building there was. The destruction was so bad it was described as an atomic bomb. The debri is the worst part of a tsunami killing more people than the actual wave does. Debri can be cars, trash, houses even people can count as debri. The worst tsunami destroyed everything, killed 250,000 people and left the rest with poverty.This is why the tsunami is the worst natural disaster to experience.

In the bottom of the ocean there are little machines there that detect if there is a tsunami coming. Those little machines were put there the NOAA [ National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration ]. These people are like scientist but that study the ocean.  Without the NOAA there would be less time to try and escape a tsunami. They are trying and working so hard on a new warning system but now they are probably thinking of giving up because they just can't find a way.

In conclusion tsunamis are the worst natural disasters to experience. All the reasons are true. If your living near the ocean your next.

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