Earthquake Destruction

November 14, 2017
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Natural Disasters are dangerous for causing the destruction all over the world and has killed countless living beings since the beginning of time. Luckily, we have scientists that can know where the earthquake is going to strike and trying to get better at studying earthquakes. Therefore the earthquake is the to experience because it comes out of nowhere when you least expect and when you’re unprepared and the worst one is where an Earthquake can trigger all other Natural Disasters which makes you die in many different ways.

Earthquakes are caused by Tectonic plates sliding by each other from underground but are not moving in the same direction. There are three types of plate movements: Pulling over, Sliding each other, and One riding over the other.

Earthquakes occur in many different parts of the world and can kill about 10,000 people, but most deaths are caused by MudSlides, Fire, and Tsunamis and the biggest earthquakes recorded occurred in the United States in Alaska on March 28th, 1964 with a Magnitude over 9.2mw.

Scientists in other words “Geologists” are studying more about Earthquakes and how to prevent them but for that they need to fully understand more about earthquakes and Scientists use Seismographs to see where the earthquakes will happen and will also let Scientists know how big the earthquake will be as well and right now the Scientists are working on predicting earthquakes but so far, it has been unsuccessful.

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