Tsunami Terrors

November 14, 2017
By _j.preem._ SILVER, Sac, California
_j.preem._ SILVER, Sac, California
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 “Tsunamis are like an atomic bomb”

Natural disaster are mother nature killing mass amount of people. Tsunami is a type of big wave that kills a lot of people. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes pushing the water non stop to the land. Tsunami are the worst natural disaster because it destroys everything in it’s way and makes debri go all over the place.
Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes pushing the water to make giant waves. For example if you drop a pebble into water it hits the ground and makes the wave. In the tsunami KWL it is saying, “tsunami amplification is what pushes water up and down. This is scary because if you see a big wave coming towards you and it's fast, how will you get away from it and be safe?

Tsunamis are so destructive it destroys everything, debri goes everywhere and it causes a flood afterwards. Tsunamis are also very destructive because it kills so many people leaving dead body everywhere.

Luckily we have NOAA who sits in there rooms and watch the screen to detect if there is going to be an earthquake. If they detect an incoming earthquake they will give an alert to us so we can evacuate and be safe from a tsunami.

Therefore tsunamis are the worst natural disaster ever because you lose everything and get seperated with your family with a low chance of living.

Based on the movie “Impossible,’’ you'll either come out dead or alive but for sure injured.

Tsunamis leave so much damage that scientist are finding a way to predict a tsunami so people will be more safe and alerted from a tsunami so they can evacuate as soon as possible.

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What insipred me was articles that i read and it made me want to write about how tsunamis would be the worst natural disaster

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