November 14, 2017
By geegee BRONZE, Sacramento, California
geegee BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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The tsunami of December 26, 2004 left destroying a lot including leaving the world in shocked. Tsunami is a natural disaster that’s a long high sea wave. This tsunami was caused when undersea megathrust earthquake was caused when the indian plate was subducted by Burma plate it triggered devastating tsunami along coast of most ocean.This killed 225,000-280,00 people in 14 countries. Its one of the most worst natural disaster. The damage caused three devastating waves struck and destroyed more than 250 coast communities.

What causes tsunami is earthquake, submarine landslide, or other disturbance. In the earthquakes aftershocks, for example the movie san andreas aftershocks was a tsunami that killed a lot of people. In the headline data set the author is telling how the scientists had a new study of an earthquake faults off alaska. Scientists are helpful cause without them how would we know what to do if another ever occur.

Tsunami damage is deadly because it picks up an hard debris. All types of things such as car, knives, building, sharp things, and animals are killing a lot of people. From headline data set the author is telling how people were in fear for others in the December 25, 2004 tsunami. In cause of the tsunami the debris underwater was causing this to be the most destructive tsunami killing over 225,000 people.

Therefore the scientists made a idea of putting a sensor underwater, they will detect incoming earthquakes to tell us to evacuate as soon as possible so we won't have to deal with a tsunami.

In this conclusion, Tsunami are the worst natural disaster to experience because they are unexpected. SInce the aftershocks of earthquake causes this next natural disaster which is causing the damages it is causing the plate to move up. After the tectonic plate moves it cause the water to rise up.Tsunami is very deadly cause you can drown and duhh clearly some dies.

The author's comments:

What inspired me too write this is cause it was most outstanding to me. After seeing the impossible it made me think. People go through alot.

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