The Fear of Tsunamis

November 14, 2017
By liyahh SILVER, Sacramento, California
liyahh SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Geoff Mackely, a journalist, have stated,” I just thought I never thought I never see anything like this, I been to 30 hurricanes and over 35 volcanoes eruptions, so I thought I seen anything nature can throw out, but it’s got nothing on this.” Tsunamis are natural disasters that kills over 225,000 people. A Tsunami is caused by an Earthquake’s aftershock causing the plate to move up, making the water raise up, and moving forward. Moving at 500 per mile hour at rate. Once the tsunami reaches land the front slows down, so the back can catch up. Tsunamis picks up a lot of debris making tsunamis more fearful because you can get hit with anything in the water, which is why scientists are doing the best they can to figure out how to predict them. Therefore, tsunamis are the worst natural disaster to experience because it leaves your country nor city looking like a graveyard.


Tsunamis are caused by Earthquakes aftershocks.  For two examples, In the Natural Disaster Headline Data Set the author states,” New study of an earthquake faults off the coast of Alaska.” the author is saying how there’s a huge risk of  a tsunami coming across the west coast because we are below Alaska . Also, according to the Geographic video the scientists states,” It lifts the ocean up and down making huge ripples, just by earthquake’s aftershock. In the National Geographic about Tsunamis, the scientist is saying that when a earthquake happens its causes the water to move up, causing ripples, that cause huge waves that can kill thousands of people.


Tsunami damage is deadly because a Tsunami picks up tons of debris, such as; cars, trees, people, and buildings. In the Natural Disaster Headline Data Set, other people fears for the people that’s in Mediterranean Realistic, that’s getting hit by a tsunami. Many people die because of the debris underwater. Tsunamis happens out of nowhere and it sucks because during December 26, 2004 people didn’t have any warning when the tsunami is going to strike and they died with fear. Tsunamis leave your country looking like a graveyard and a dumpster. Good luck to the people who doesn’t know how to swim, and it’s about to get hit by a Tsunami because going to die.


NOAA are trying their best to come up with a prediction for Tsunamis, so we would be prepared when a tsunami strikes. NOAA stands for “National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration”. NOAA is pretty much are scientists because their the ones who are trying to help us, people get put out of danger, but they only study near the ocean. They help us by setting up sensors down in the ocean to try and get a signal when the Tsunami. For example,” when they put sensors in the ocean, and that sends the signal to the satellite, the satellite sends a signal which leads on the NOAA computer’s screen. Without these systems nor sensors we wouldn’t have any chance of leaving the area a tsunami will occur and kill thousands of people.


Therefore Tsunamis are the worst Natural Disaster to experience. Tsunamis are caused by earthquake’s aftershock. They leave you with a sad air pollution that happens to affect people’s lives. Many scientist are still here today struggling, and going out to way to solve the case for us, so many families won’t have to cope with another heartbreak. Hopefully scientist will try to figure out the missing piece, so the world would know when theses outrages and cold hearted waves occur, less innocent people won’t have to suffer.

The author's comments:

Articles about natural disasters was my inspiration because its's great to feel what other people felt when they was in a situation to the point where they feel vulnerable and powerless. It makes me want to write about what they feared and give people the warning of what's happening around the world. Hope people will realize there actions and be concern about what other people have to go through.

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