Earthquake: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

November 14, 2017
By unicorn38 BRONZE, Sacromento, California
unicorn38 BRONZE, Sacromento, California
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What’s the worst natural disaster ? well in my mind it’s a earthquake .why because you can’t run or hide. You can never predict them scientest have  tryed to predict them and have no foolproof plan to predict earthquakes yet. But still are trying to predict earthquake to this day. a earthquake is when the tectonic plans move and shake which causes the ground to destroy and shake building. And end a lot of life from humans to animal it is a unknow murder no one know when it’s coming and makes large cracks in the ground. There for earthquakes are the worst because you can’t see it coming it can happen at anytime.

Earthquakes are just like a bell it starts in the middle and makes its way out. What i am saying is that it’s starts in the core of the earth and avenenly gets to the outside which make the ground shake and cracks. Which destroy building and briges. It also can make tsunami and it can happen at any moment even as i write. And i would never know it happen. There are strong ones and weak ones. An earthquake is what happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another. 


It is still very hard for scientest to predict earthquake but are coming up with ways to find the way to know and stop deaths. It still a long way from discovory but they get one step closer all the time. But by all the hard work they found a way to find out when there is going to be a tsunami which is a underwater earthquake. What they can do is check the rate after it’s happened already.  They are alway trying to forms to track earthquakes and stop disaster from happening.

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i was just thinking and there mit be more to find so i started it.

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