November 14, 2017
By esketit SILVER, Sacramento, California
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What is a Natural Disasters, waves with a lot of pressure that can kill more than person, since who knows when. Tsunamis is a type of natural disaster, that happened when a huge multiple waves come in every 20 minutes. The destruction of a Tsunami is a non-stop pounding of water. People that can save people are scientists. Therefore, the tsunami is the worst experience because it adapts to its environment.

Tsunami are caused by a lot of earthquakes and aftershocks. For example, the 2004 tsunami in thailand hurt a lot of people. Basically, they are in some parts of the world tsunamis are worse, when an earthquake happens in the ocean water moves colliding making a huge push, then can kill mass amounts of people in seconds.

Horrible damage is left by tsunamis. Tsunami waves are sometimes unsurfable unrelenting death machines. Tsunami cannot be predicted. They leave so much damage. Women and children are most likely to die in a tsunami. Tsunamis lift the ocean up and down making huge waves from the earthquake according to the video.

The geologist is trying to predict tsunamis but, until now they aren't predictable in asia put are predictable in United States. The united states has an alarm just in case a tsunami ever happens.

Overall, tsunami are the worst natural disaster. Tsunamis are caused by powerful earthquakes. Tsunamis would make a disaster and would break people, hurting them badly. Scientists can give an alarm but cannot predict tsunamis. Then, many people aren't killed and we'll know when tsunamis come.

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I worked on how natural disasters mainly tsunamis and how they work

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