Earthquake Madness

November 14, 2017
By Pixel3d SILVER, Sacramento, California
Pixel3d SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Buildings, architecture, the structures that fascinate us when we look at them, but little did you know that an shock in the ground have made these structures fall, debris falling down and crushing anything that is in it’s way even people. These shock in the ground are called “Earthquakes” and these earthquakes are some but many natural disasters. It happen when our Fault lines are moving while colliding to each other making our Earth rumble. It’s how Earth relief stress. While an huge earthquake  is quite rare it can cause serious damage. For example, it can collapse building which can fall on people. It can also creates fires and flooding. Luckily we have scientists that know where an earthquake can happen but it can’t be predicted. Therefore, earthquakes is the worst natural disaster to experiences, because it’s unpredictable, that’s what makes it the worst natural disaster.


Earthquakes are caused by the Earth fault lines which are constantly moving and breaking rocks. It can also be caused by the tectonic plates. For example, when two rocks collide and rub each other it creates seismic waves that can cause other and smaller earthquake which is called after shock. They are earth natural means of releasing stress.


The after effect of an earthquake is quite traumatizing because there are people who have experienced it before and doesn’t want to experience it again. Buildings are destroyed and sometimes people are caught in the damage buildings. There is no foolproof way yet to predict earthquakes but scientist know where earthquakes are going to happen.


As I said it in the 2nd paragraph earthquakes are unpredictable so a 6 or higher can sometimes happen anywhere on earth. Earthquakes that is under 6 on the richter scale is considered small earthquakes while 6 or above are the major ones.The vibration of the earthquakes are measured on the seismometer. Scientist do know where it going to happen but not the timing.


Earthquake shakes the ground, causing buildings to collapse, can causes fire, and can make a flood. They are trigger by the sudden movements of our earth fault lines or rocks beneath the surface rubbing against each other, and releasing seismic waves. Earthquakes are measured on the richter scale or a seismometer that detects the vibration cause by the earthquakes. As for now, there is no real proof of detecting when an earthquake happens, it’s just the location that matters.

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Earthquakes start most of the natural disaster. For example, tsunami, when an earthquake happens in the sea, a huge wave pops up creating tsunami's.

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