Between Ambition and Necessity

November 11, 2017
By Jdcazes BRONZE, New City, New York
Jdcazes BRONZE, New City, New York
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As the soul travels from a world of one dimension - of paper, and walls, and lines - and into a textured, layered world of interesting forms and life, it seems as if a new form of sight has been recovered: that of reality.  The illustration which appears before your eyes divides itself into multiple different levels, not only the illusion of foreground, and background, but thousands of different components which make up one picture. The intricacy of the picture cannot be replicated by any artist, or described to its full magnificence by the most talented of creators. The scene unfolded before a soul by nature is one that must be looked at through your own lens. The object of focus must be picked by your own preference; for it is nearly impossible to see the entirety of nature, and find the same object of the most importance as another person. However, few things do persist in nature. One of such is the moisture gradient which can be found in this scene. As one looks from the sky to the ground, the leaves at the top of the tree appear to be completely unaware of the recent downpour, yet the floor retains large pools and drops of such water. This pattern ascertains the notion that the closer one comes to nature, the more resources said person receives.

This abundance of resource and life is exploited by an abundance of small creatures which give off a constant hum, which when listened to, seem to be making up the inner workings of the Earth; as if they are gears in the constant cycle of the world. Defying nature’s beckon for organisms to come nearer to the ground, are the cosmopolitan creatures which are able to jump between the levels of the picture. These flying creatures are free, and unswayed by the welcoming call of the floor, yet they also succumb to the same forces as the treetops. While the birds do not answer to the persuasion of gravity or beneficial resources of the ground, they are unstable and with one gust of foul wind could regress back to a place in which they previously traveled.

While the stationary gears of the Earth grow weary, and have no means of freedom, they would not want the fear that comes with distance from the ground, and must persist in dull monotonous life. However, bridging the gap between these two are the trunks of the trees. They face no threat of mere wind affecting them, nor are they stationary, as they sway with the wind. While the soul reestablishes itself into its previous routine, it must remember not to stray to far from Nature, as the complications of society may drag it down, yet also mustn’t be too grounded or else progress is unattainable. However, a medium between the natural world and the human world may be attained if both the draw of freedom and the draw of regularity are resisted and the soul makes a compromise between what it seeks and what it needs.

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