Should We Stop Using Fossil Fuel Because of the Effect?

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Using fossil fuels are extremely harmful to the ecosystem. The pollution caused by fossil fuels is so terrible that animal is feeling the negative change on earth. The effects of using fossil fuel are extremely devastating causing pollution, loss of habitat , glaciers melting  and level of sea to rise.

Recently the water has gotten warm since the last decade. People believe it fossil fuel fault from all the chemical fossil fuels burn. Since water has gotten warmer Earth has been experimenting more extreme weather. According to Gale Encyclopedia of Science “burning fossil fuels cause major environmental effects”. Recently in Texas a hurricane with category 4 winds devastated the coast of Texas. Causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage and severe flooding in the coast. Many houses were underwater. People now are starting to think that the devastating hurricane was cause by global warming which was caused by fossil fuel usage. Warm waters also have caused coral to bleach. This is a serious problem because some countries like Japan depend on fish for its economy and might have future economic problems. If water continue to get warmer soon all the coral will be bleached.

In The North Pole, polar bears are starting to feel a change in their ecosystem. Polar bears have been losing their habitat because of global warming and have to move into people’s homes in order to survive. Many people have reported that polar bears are lurking around there residents and could cause a tragedy if they don’t stop. Glaciers also caused oceans to rise approximately 3.45 millimeter per year and could cause severe flooding in areas like New York. Experts believe that the city might disappear if global warming continues. 

Fossil fuel has also caused deforestation and real threat because trees slows global warming by obtains the carbon in the atmosphere. With deforestation this can cause faster harsher conditions in earth and will make natural disasters more extreme and common. The way trees slow global warming is they take the carbon that is produced from cars, trucks, factories etc. Later the converted the carbon into air. Some people may not believe global warming is real. In reality it’s actually causing harm to the ecosystem. More extreme weather is being reported, loss of habitat, extinction and deforestation.

If global warming wasn’t real then what is causing all the chaos? If fossil fuel continues to get worst earth might be drastically affected and could cause a domino effect. For example the climate change, cause all coral to die. This cause many fish to die and caused loss of biodiversity. Major countries like Japan loss a major part of its economy because Japan depended on fish. This is what could happen if climate change continues to happen. All animal depend on each other to live. This could lead to the extinction of humans             

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