Prevent Global Warming

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

The sea level continues to rise and we must do something about it. Global warming is causing the sea level to elevate. The rise of global climate because of the increase of greenhouse gases. Also the worsening of natural phenomena. Global warming must be prevented because the sea level and global climate continues to rise and alterations of natural phenomena.

To begin, the ocean level has been elevating within this past century. According to Opposing Viewpoints in Context, “Within the past century, sea level has risen by four to eight inches worldwide.” Showing that the sea level has been rising modestly this past century. If we do not do anything it could be possible that islands will sink below the sea level. Cities that live close to the coastline will have trouble with flooding. Gale Encyclopedia of Science states, “The IPCC reports also that ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica have been losing mass.” This loss of masses causing a litany of problems including flooding changes in hurricanes and other storms. The rising sea level occupies one of the reasons why we should prevent global warming.

Next. the global climate gradually rises. According to Gale Encyclopedia of Science, “ Estimates of predicted in global surface temperature ranges between 2 to 11.5F,” because of increasing amounts of greenhouse gas emissions temperatures have risen. Humans have created and released man-made greenhouse gases. “These include hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride … have thousand times the effect on the planet’s temperature that carbon dioxide has.” This proves that global warming remains as man-made phenomena. Due to these man-made gases and other greenhouse gas emissions rising. Causing the glaciers in the Arctic to melt elevating the sea level. All due to global warming.

Lastly, climate change is causing alterations in natural phenomena. Gale Encyclopedia of Science states, “Less conclusive but still suggestive, data supporting anthropogenic global warming … alterations in global phenomena like the Southeast Indian Monsoon, Atlantic Hurricane Season, El Nino Southern Oscillation, and North Africa Drought Cycle.” Proves that weather phenomena continue to change. In turn making changes in the natural disaster that come from those natural occurrences. Global warming should be prevented because it causes weather phenomena to have alterations causing natural disasters to be stronger.

Finally, Opposing Viewpoints in Context states, “This treaty required industrialized countries to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by a certain percentage over a five-year period. The treaty was supported by the European Union and other developed countries. The United States opposed it the agreement, however claiming it could harm the US economy.” This counterargument does not work because the United States is claiming that it could hurt its economy even before stating evidence that it will. We should prevent global warming because the sea level continues to rise, global climate keeps rising, and alterations in global phenomena. Stop global warming to help save our Earth.

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