The Importance of the Environment

July 1, 2017
By Jamaica's Pen Name BRONZE, Zamboanga Del Norte, Other
Jamaica's Pen Name BRONZE, Zamboanga Del Norte, Other
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What is Environment? How important Environment is? Do people nowadays appriciate Environment like what it should be? Do people care about thoose trash and pollution there making every single minutes in there life? Obviosly NO! People nowadays do not care about nature, all they do is to ride a car, burn thoose plastick (trash), and pollute air, water and etc.

Environment is important than you think it is. Come to think of it. Without nature which contains plants, water, animals and trees there will be no us. Where are we going to get thoose food we eat and thoose house we live in without our mother nature. Everyday we go out nature is all around but we did'nt bother to look and see how wonderful our Environment is. All we do is destroy it.

Another reason is our teenager and their babies in the future. How can thoose childrens appriciate nature in mid future when we destroy it? Their future are in our hands. We are so selfish for destroying it wothout thinking about the children. Destroying our environment is destroying ourself and our life. We are destroying our future and at the same time we are polluting it that can cause deseases. Deseases that may (possible) destroy human raise.And our planet.

So we need to appriciate, care and love our environment like loving our family, friends and ourselves.No Environment, No Us! That simple! We should not pollute air, water and land at the same time.We can help our Mother Earth by simply putting the trash in the right place and ofcourse entering organization that helps mother earth.By this, you will know how important our environment is..

The author's comments:

Thoose Friends of mine who is really serious about Clean and Green Project. I saw how they really love and appriciate our mother earth.One day while where cleaning in the road. They talk about this CFC's thingy. They explain few things and few facts about our nature. Then i realize how our Environment help us without us knowing it!!

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