June 20, 2017
By mariahturrubiartes BRONZE, American Fork, Utah
mariahturrubiartes BRONZE, American Fork, Utah
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Think about this carefully. Pre history. Pre history is the stuff we don’t know about it’s the stuff that’s not in the text books. The things we don’t learn in school. Because we can’t.

Pre history is crazy if you think about it. what if we had futuristic stuff like flying cars and buildings that towered the clouds. Robots that had feelings and could communicate with humans. What if there was other life forms. Human like creatures, but unearthly. But people were used to it. It’s crazy to think what there could've been.

But what happened? Everything had to of been destroyed. What if it was the Aliens? Everything was torn down. Nothing left over other than a few birds, a couple cats maybe, some other weird ass animals. Maybe those animals Morphed into the dinosaurs. We had to restart everything. We have nothing from the past. Nobody knows about the past. It’s like it never happened.

I bet we as humans were more civil and advanced. Back then we probably were a lot nicer to each other. More kind. That’s how they probably ran earth no borders no countries no land for the taking. The earth was everyone’s.

What if that’s what started it. Someone wanted to take over, they got sick of everything being perfect. They wanted conflict. They started a world war. Humans are stupid. Everyone against everyone. What if they destroyed earth, they caused everything to die. After the humans were gone. The earth took itself back. It covered itself back in plants. Now we're back and we’re destroying it again.

I just realized, if this did happen it’s probably going to happen again,history repeats itself. We’re already destroying the earth we’re most likely going to have another world war. Everything going to get destroyed. We as humans are going to get wiped out again.

What if Einstein was right if we have another world war we’re going to destroy everything “I know not with what weapons world war 3 will be fought with, but world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones” -Albert Einstein. What he meant by that is was we’re already so advanced and we have such powerful weapons that if they’re used we’re going to end up blowing up the earth and everything on it. We’re going to have to restart all over again. Us, our generation is going to be a pre history itself.

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