Protecting the Environment: One Stable at a Time

June 20, 2017
By Nadiafarjami BRONZE, Laguna Hills, California
Nadiafarjami BRONZE, Laguna Hills, California
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Although we often direct our environmental concerns to widespread and national issues, we must open our eyes to a local and important environmental issue: trash looming in horse stables. 

Despite the endless adoration and care we place upon our horses, we overlook our failure to properly furnish their homes. Often times, we drop candy wrappers and plastic bags on the floor of a stable, disregarding the adverse impact of our action. With litter scattered along the floor of their stables, our horses’ safety is jeopardized. In order to avoid stumbling, horses must navigate their way through an array of obstacles in the form of trash beneath their hooves, struggling through the unpleasant task.

The simple choice lies in our hands; we can either harm or protect the horses, drop or pick up trash. We must pause and consider the consequences before allowing a wrapper to slide away from our grip under horses’ hooves. Horses carry us every day, so let’s carry the horses to a clean environment by picking up trash in their stables.

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