Do Good and Get Back

May 25, 2017
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Sometimes in life people just care about themselves and nobody else, all they do is want for themselves and they want to make themselves perfect and they don’t care what other people think or how they look, they just want to be better than everybody else. That’s how I used to be but now that I have learned not to just care about myself and care more about others because I know deep down it feels good to do something special for another person, I did one good thing and after I did that good thing I got rewarded for the good thing I did to other people and that’s why I keep on doing it is because I get rewarded but not every time I do it because I might get something in return, I do it because I don't just care about myself all of the time.


Today was just a normal Sunday, woke up ate breakfast and after I showered I wanted to go fishing with a couple of my friends, I asked my dad and he said “no we are going to Feed My Starving Children” I did not want to go at all so I had a fit, but eventually we went I was not a happy camper and all I wanted was just my way and if I did not get it I would not be happy the rest of the day, but eventually I had to go. When we got to Feed My Starving Children the instructor told us what to do and as I started to do my job I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Around an hour later (halfway through) I just wanted to be done my hands were cramping up and I was just in a bad mood, but I knew that I had to finish strong just because I knew that it would make me feel better if I did something good for others. So after I finished I was dead tired but I knew that helping others made me feel better. After we left I wanted to go out to eat and so we did, after I thought my stomach was going to explode we got home. When I got home I called my friend to ask him if he wanted to go fishing with me and he said sure. So I got on my bike and pedaled as fast as I could to me and my friends “secret spot”. But when I got halfway to the spot I realized that I was a really low on lures because I always lose mine on the bottom of the river, so I walked back into my house and bolted downstairs because down there I have a collection of old lures that I have never used before, so I looked and looked for a good one to bring with me to my secret spot. After about 20 minutes I finally found one, the reason why I picked this one was because it was gold and blue and it was really shiny, so I grabbed it and booked it back outside to my bike. I got on my bike and headed off to the spot once again. I finally arrived, I saw that my friends bike was laying there so I knew that he was here. I walked down to the spot and saw him fishing there. I walked through water and stumbled across some rocks but finally I could start fishing. I started fishing, I took a couple of majestic casts but I haven’t caught anything, I was trying to figure out why I haven’t got a bite because usually me and my  friend would catch fish left and right, cast after cast but not today. I realized that I never put on that lure that I found in my basement, so I tied it on it took me a while to tie it on because it was windy outside, I finally got it tied on and I took a couple of casts with it on, nothing. So me and my friend decided to move place because he couldn’t catch anything and I couldn’t either. So we biked around looking for places to fish and we found one, it was the dam, my friend and I had to walk down a really steep hill and we got all full of nasty, smelly mud, when we got down the hill we had to wash ourselves off with the river water. We saw the spot we wanted to get to but from the perspective we were at it almost looked impossible to get there, but knowing that my friend and I are diehard fishermen we went for it, so we walked over to the dam a bit more and from there on we had to walk in the cold glistening water, when we got halfway down the water was up to my bellybutton and it was cold but I had a feeling it was going to be worth it. We finally got to the spot and I took the first cast on my new lure that I found. After 10 minutes I finally caught one it was a smallmouth bass but it was a little guy so I had to throw it back. A little bit later my friend caught one and it was a stripped bass, it also was a little guy so he tossed it back in. It was getting really late so I had to go but I decided to cast once more time and so I did, As I was reeling back I felt a little tug and so I set the hook, as soon as I did I felt the fish on the end of the line and I thought it was a carp that I had accidently snagged, so I reeled in more and I saw an eye glow up and then I knew it was a huge walleye. I screamed for my friend to come over and help me net the huge slimy fish. I reeled up the fish all the way to the rocks and my friend and I landed the huge walleye, we measured the fish and it ended up to be 32 inches! I knew that this was going to be a story to tell, I took pictures and put the fish back in the water, I was pumped. I had to bike back home because it was getting late, as soon as I go home I sat down and I was just thinking, I was thinking that if I never went to Feed My Starving Children I don’t think I would’ve caught that fish, so that’s what I think if you do something good then you will get rewarded, that’s why I try to do good for others not only because there is a possibility that I could get rewarded but just because it feels good, that’s why I want you to do good for others.

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