Chicago Weather

May 23, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear weather in the Chicagoland area,

Hope your doing well cause your really pissing all of us off. You know its really nice when one weekend you make it 74 degrees and sunny but then you like lets change it up all the sudden and make it 46 and rainy the next day. Ever wonder if people would apprecitate it if maybe you could give us a warning that the weather is changing instead of putting something totally new on us the next day. It was really nice last weekend when it was 67 and sunny both days and this whole week you decide to make it 50 degreees and rainy everyday, thanks we all really apprecitate it.

I guess we should have realized that we can get all four seasons in one day here in the Chicagoland area, but do you think for once you could keep the weather how we like it. I get it you like to change things up becuase having it be sunny and 75 everyday would get really boring. Just once in a while it would be ok for us to have a stretch of days where it is above 65 degrees and sunny, its ok im pretty sure most people wont mind that. Also, thank for the snowfall this year. You really did a good job not making me take my shovel out more than a handful of times so at least you did a good job with that!

We just ask that can you let all of this cold and rainy weather pass so that the nice weather that we all have been waiting on for months can finally start coming around. Im not asking a lot out of you just let there be some days where we can all go outside and enjoy the weather.

Vince G

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