Animal Testing

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Animal testing is more harmful than beneficial and, therefore, should be banned from happening. Animal testing only harms the animals that are tested on, they do not benefit at all, people who are treated on based on animal testing rarely benefit from the treatment, and there are other options and alternatives besides animal testing. Therefore, animal testing is not needed and should be banned.

First, animal testing harms the animals and they do not benefit at all. Each year, 100 million animals who are tested on die and suffer (peta). Crueltyfreeinternational points out that when animals are tested on, 70% of them are not even numbed or put out before testing. So, not only are helpless animals being tested on, but they are being tested on in a very cruel and painful way. In addition, when animals are taken for research, they are trapped in cages and all of their freedom is taken away from them. The only reason that animals should be kept, is as pets. However, when you have a pet, they are still taken care of; you do not test on them, or trap them, you take care of them and love them. The animals who are tested on are given the minimal food they need and are not given any attention or other key factors to survive and thrive. They are only given what is necessary for their survival and then being taken advantage of.

Also, aside from animals having no benefits from testing, people rarely benefit from animal testing, as well. Dosomething has done research and found extensive statistics on animal testing, when a “treatment” is found based on animal research and then tested on humans, 92% of the time it will fail. So not only were helpless animals tested on, there is almost a 100% chance that in the end, it won't even work on people. In order to fund animal testing, taxpayers have to pay more. There is no guarantee that the treatment will work even if it worked on animals and now you pay more too, in order to fund the cruelty. Testing on animals also does not guarantee that a treatment will be found. Animal testing is unsuccessful more than it is successful and rarely benefits anyone.

Also, regarding animal testing, there are other options and alternatives. There are not only animals that can be tested on. People can do testing and find treatments in vitro (procon). In vitro testing is where you take test tubes and culture dishes and do all testing outside of any living organism. Besides, in vitro, testing can be done on people with two separate options. Already, there are clinical trials for people to test treatment, so why not do all testing on participants who sign up for it. By testing being done on humans, not only is it way more effective and accurate, it saves the pain that is brought upon animals. People would have to sign up for the testing and trials and therefore, no organism would be treated on against their will. Another option is doing treatment on donated bodies Post-Mortem. People can decide beforehand that they want to donate their bodies to science. If a donated body is tested on, animals won't suffer and a more valid treatment will be found because it is based from people and not a different organism. Also, people decided on helping science before they died, so a helpless animal isn't tested on, rather a person who wants to help.

In conclusion, animal testing is more harmful than beneficial and, therefore, should be banned. Animal testing only harms animals and doesn't benefit them in any way, people who are given treatment based on animal testing rarely benefit (8% are successful), and there are multiple alternatives and other options to find cures and do testing besides animal testing. Animal testing is purely cruel and inhumane and it should be stopped from happening.

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