After Taking APES

May 16, 2017
By , Parkland, FL

It is currently the third week of May, and as many students know what that means, AP testing is over. I had taken my Environmental Science AP exam the first Monday of testing. After a years worth of taking that class I have a few things to take away with me. Before the class I never really thought of my ecological footprint or impact on the world. I always knew theres such thing as global warming and recycling is a good thing but never really knew what impact I had. I initally took the class for the AP credit. As the weeks and lessons went on in the class I found myself enjoying learning what I was learning. We would learn about Earth and how we use its resources, Earths topography, energy cycles, and humans and their impacts. Learning how precious the Earth was and how we were harming it made me alert on these serious issues. I started to become more environmentally friendly and started to care more about the Earth. I would tell friends what they should do to better themselves while benefitting the Earth. I would have heated conversations with my one friend, who considers herself an environmentalist,  on how it sucks that our world is going to garbage and not enough people care or chose to ignore it. I started to change my ways more. I noticed all the excess packagaing on products which makes me question why are we wasting all this energy and products on this. I noticed how land gets overused all the time and eventually is depleted. I saw how money hungry us, America, is as a country and how little we care about the environment and how much we care about producing and consuming.I started to get mad and upset, especially when our new president Trump isnt the most eco friendly guy. Overall I began to notice all these things and changed my ways and try to have others change theirs by informing them about the issues. I do have to say I started not to like the class itself because it became way too repetitive but I do not regret taking since I did learn a lot from it and I learned how to better the Earth and found a love for Earth and want to protect it as much as I can. 

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