Mother Nature

April 11, 2017
By Pinkfield10 GOLD, Kathmandu, Other
Pinkfield10 GOLD, Kathmandu, Other
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When we say "nature", vivid pictures of waterfalls, mountains and birds chirping simultaneously come to our mind. Nature has influenced us in such a way that every art we make, every word we pronounce and everything we do is itself a product of nature. Even the way we live is itself an open representation of how mother nature has shaped our lives. Nature isn't just about trees or wildlife, it is the very base of our existence. Since the very beginning, we human beings have been intrigued by the  laws governing nature. Even today with all the technology and knowledge that we possess, nature continues to impress us.


It is indeed true that the influence of nature on humans is so great that nature has come to be associated with every  aspect of our lives. Nature hasn't just been our life force but also one of the oldest inspirations for expressing the way we feel. The various popular metaphors in English like 'a voice as sweet as a nightingale' , 'as curious as a hummingbird', 'as diligent as a woodpecker' and others  have been derived from nature itself. Poetry, prose and styles of the literature of every language has been directly or indirectly influenced by nature itself.

In the present day world,  humans are in a desperate competition to surpass the laws of nature. We are irrationally draining all the resources that mother nature has to offer instead of learning from nature. The times when we used to sit on a  plain hillside and marvel at the perfection of the clouds and the sky are long past. We may think that we have learnt and realized everything that could possibly be learnt  from nature. But the thing is we don't really  know even 10%  of the facts about nature . And there are still numerous things that we can learn from mother nature.

Mother nature believes in one philosophy: Give but do not expect to be given in return.  We can learn from this philosophy that we must help one another for the sole purpose of service rendered from the heart and not for any selfish reasons. One weakness of we humans is that we tend to be disheartened very often. Mother nature can teach us one thing and that is even though we see no sign  of what lies ahead, we should continue to believe in what we believe just like  the fact that songbirds do not give up singing just because winter has surrounded the world. Another principle that mother nature follows is: Every aspect should have peace with another and should exist in harmony. War is not the way of mother nature. This is a message that should be conveyed all humans because war is one thing that has been preventing us from creating sustainable societies.  

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