Theories of Space

April 7, 2017
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Honestly, we don’t know anything. Not you or me, but humans as a whole, really don’t know much outside of our planet. We don’t even know everything that is in our own ocean. Could there be life on another planet? Or even better, could there be intelligent life on any other planets? Some people are inclined to say no, but why? There is no proof for or against life anywhere else in the universe, but if the universe really is constantly expanding and it is already infinite, then there is an unlimited chance for life to be somewhere else out there. The lack of our knowledge creates a chance for anything you can imagine to be real somewhere out there in different galaxies or solar systems.

Scientists have found countless planets that are Earth-sized or larger, in “Goldilocks Zones”, or the zone the perfect distance away from the sun that could harbor life and liquid water. Some of these planets even appear to have water on the surface, but none have been explored yet. If there are this many habitable planets in just our galaxy, think of all the possibilities in the billions of other galaxies in the universe. With that many planets, it is almost sure that one of them is home to some sort of life, whether it be intelligent life or just bacteria floating around.

Funding NASA would be beneficial to the human race as a whole. We need to put more into our space exploration, so eventually we can reach these other planets. The earth can only harbor humans for so long, before we destroy it and it is useless to us. It is bound to happen, as we do not take care of our planet. We are using its resources much faster than we should be. Not to mention the whole global warming part, and major flooding and other issues it will eventually bring. All this said, humans are going to need to go somewhere safer, unless we all plan on getting completely eliminated by a 6th mass extinction. There are many options to do this, and some seen in movies are not completely unrealistic. However, it all starts with funding for NASA.
There are many theories about space in general, about its size and wormholes and black holes and everything else confusing in it, such as relativity and gravity and light. After doing some research, everything known, or thought to be known, are just theories, and even the smartest out there don’t know much about space at all. Obviously there are a couple things we are pretty certain of, such as knowing that black holes are extremely dense balls of mass, usually formed from exploded stars that expand and then contract to form the black hole, which no light passes through due to the extreme gravitational pull around it. However, other than our very limited knowledge on black holes, there is really nothing we know. We don’t even know everything about black holes, like what is on the inside. We know nothing about wormholes, or galaxies, or dimensions or anything really. See where I’m going now? Humans do not know anything about the vast depths of space.

As you can see there are all these theories and ideas that we aren’t sure about. There is so much more in space than we are sure of, and I believe that it would be beneficial to try to learn about all of it, which starts with increased NASA funding.

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