Saving Mankind

March 28, 2017
By KalinaGunari BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KalinaGunari BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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We live in a world ridden with pollution. Animals are becoming extinct more quickly, our air is so filled with green house gasses that climate change is worse than ever before, yet very little is being done to fix this problem. Scientists around the world all recognise that if we do not act now, the damage we've done to the earth could become irreparable, however many of the leading super power countries in the world are doing nothing to stop this. I luckily have developed a foolproof plan of how we can ensure the lives of human beings will be saved forever. In order to save money, effort, and our species, rather than saving the planet, we are going to start living in space as soon as possible.

Economically, this is the best possible choice for selfish countries such as America. They won't have to ever stop using fossil fuels and they will be able to have even less conservation laws in place that there are now, allowing them to destroy the earth even faster. While that may sound bad, it's actually good because it would then allow us to make the move to space even faster because we will have the choice of space or dying a horrific death due to no resources and terrible pollution. You tell me which sounds more appealing. With all of the money these countries continued to make by funding these companies, they will be able to afford to create space ships and stations that will be able to house man kind for the rest of time. All humans have nothing but their own interest in mind anyways so we might as well not stop and waste our time trying to save the earth. 

Another amazing benefit to my ingenious idea is that the wealth gap that bothers many americans today will be completely gone. This will happen because only the rich part of the earth's population will be able to afford to go live in space and the rest will be taken care of by the toxic earth below killing them off until only the upper part of the population will survive. Very similar to the poor population that will die for the progress of the better half, animal conservation will no longer be an issue because they too will be left behind to die off on our doomed planet.


Another big bonus to this is, people who don't believe in climate change won't have to. As said by our president Mr.Donald Trump, “The concept of Global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”(@realDonaldTrump). As all of my more educated reader will well understand, even though 97% of all the earth's scientists agree that climate change is real, our supreme rule, I mean president,  knows better than every single one of them that it's just a lie created by the chinese. Duh. People with a similar mindset to him will not have to believe in climate change and that were destroying the earth for my amazing pane to work. When they ask why were moving to space they will think, to hell with the planet, this is U.S. ingenuity and competitive economics at its very finest.

Some people may say my plan isn't good and to that I would say they are “WRONG” (Trump). Some may also believe that this plan wouldn't work. HOWEVER, I have found a very credible example of something similar to living in space working, the popular 70s and 80s TV show The Jetsons (Wikipedia). They didn't just survive, they thrived very happily off of the doomed planet finding many advancements in the way of life. To anyone who is or was sceptical, how could you possibly not trust an old cartoon? Clearly that is what's best for our planet.

The author's comments:

It is a satirical jab at how our contry isnt doing enough to fix climate change. 

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