Conserving More Than Needed

March 28, 2017

Ever since I was a little boy, I have always had the privilege of living in a clean environment. My grandmother would always make the effort to keep the house free of any debris. One of the ways she keeps tidiness in our home is by washing the dishes. Although dish washing to most people would be considered a tedious chore, she does it with quiet grace and more water than someone would use for their daily shower. With today’s epidemic of the water shortage, my grandmother definitely contributes to the ever-growing problem of the drought in California. It is with people like her that we can see various instances where Californians are not aware of how they are contributing with the vast water epidemic.

The view of the drought in California is as real as the most recent view of climate change. The people of California are not surprised of the drought warnings, and expected for it to come. News organizations say that, “The water situation is about as bad as you can expect it to be after four years of drought”(Lee). The people in California are aware of the problem at hand, and have been well aware of it for a while. The epidemic needs to be solved by all means, or the public will have to face a dry season.

When think about water conservation, people tend to think that taking a 10 minute shower as opposed to a 15 minute shower, will make a difference. To end the drought, we do not need for people to just limit their water usage by a little. That will now help California’s drought. That will not be enough to stop the water shortage here. What the entire state of California needs to do is start to find better ways conserve water. According to LA Times Journalist, Joseph Serna states that as a result from the drought, “Many parts of the state are still in pain” today. What we need to do is think of a water alternative to this problem.

The way that I had envisioned for this tragedy to be solved, is plastic. We must shift over to a water alternative, which is going to be water bottles. These water bottles get shipped from manufacturers, and they will be used for the main source of water instead of our faucet waters. Obviously one of the most viable plans to be made, because there is an endless supply of them. When you go to the store, they are always just sitting there waiting for you to buy them. Buying water bottles will in no way hurt the drought. By buying water bottles and marketing them effectively, the people of California will buy water bottles non stop.

Not only is this idea viable and attainable, but it would bring in money for the U.S. The tax on water bottles, could go to government spending. With over 39 million people residing in California, that means over 39 million people will be buying water bottles (Population Estimates). Water is a resource that is essential for life. As in the mindset of some of the politicians in society today, why not make some money off of it.

Do not reinvent the wheel. Why fix a thing that isn’t broken. According to the Business Insider, in as of 2011, people drink more bottled water than they do milk or beer. If the people have already shifted over to the use of bottled water, then all we have to do is start implementing them into the culture of California.

Over the course of the few weeks, the course for the water levels in California have changed drastically. The drought seems to be slowly fading away. From a recent research, the drought zone maps seems to have relieved all of California of drought. California does not have to worry about drought conditions or water conservation ever again. We will now be able to run the water parks all year long and not have to stop them. It's a foolproof plan, because we will never run out of water. Just turn your sink on at home. The water just keeps coming out. We will make enough profit to if we ever “run out of water” to buy some more water and have it shipped out to us.

Noted in the graph above, the number of water bottles used per year is growing exponentially. The people in California need to open their eyes and look at the water alternatives. If they do not like this idea, then I suppose that they should create an improved idea, that surpasses this genius plan. The time to improve the state now, so why not start here.


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