Littering Is Killing Us Slowly

March 28, 2017
By , Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Littering is happening all around Vietnam. People are throwing paper and trash out of cars and off their motorbikes. If we continue to throw trash on the ground we will cause a big problem in the future. Even if it’s a small piece of trash it can impact human life in the future. You should stop littering to make earth a better place.
That’s why we have trash cans all over the place. We have them because we want the earth to be clean!

Everyone should learn how to keep their trash and throw it away at the right place. If we keep on throwing trash out we will cause a big problem. An animal thinks trash is food so they would eat it and it would cause them to die. News National Geographic quotes Emily Penn as she said “The thing that shocks me every time is the fact that the ocean looks like it is clear blue water…. And then we pull out that sock at the end of the net and find it’s thousands of fragments of plastic. (Laura, “Ocean”)” That was a deep quote that tells us everything about what littering or throwing trash away to the ground is causing. The quote shows how people think about the ocean and what the ocean is really like. 

Once I was walking down the street in Vietnam when suddenly I saw women on the motorbike. She was holding a plastic cup in her hand and then “boom,” the cup on the ground. The women threw the cup out and just continued moving. We should stop doing these things because it would cause a “domino.” A “domino” is when we cause something bad and then it affects other things, the “domino effect” will continue on and on and on . For example, when we throw a plastic cup onto the ground it stays there and won’t move unless something pushes it. When the trash is lying on the ground, animal would think that it is food because to an animal trash can look like food. When the animal eats the trash it will cause the animal to die because it can get stuck and the animal can not digest the food.

We should stop littering because it will cause a big impact to our future generations.

Some may think that if we just throw a small piece of plastic or paper onto the ground it wouldn’t cause anything big. If we do that over a long time it can pile up and soon we will run out of place to throw our trash. Littering can also affect fishes in the ocean. When it rains the water of the rain pushes the trash into the sewage then the sewage would go to other lakes and rivers. Lakes and rivers then flow into the ocean. At this point, the piece of trash is in the water. Fishes think that it's food so they would eat it.

No one should be throwing trash onto the floor.  We want to have a green place to live. We shouldn’t ruin the future for our kids and for other future generations. The best way to do this is to stop littering and stop throwing trash into places that they don’t belong. We should all stop this to have a better future and to save lives of the poor animal.



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