Animal Testing Should Be Banned

March 27, 2017

The relationship between people and animals are extremely messy and complicated. Many people nowadays use animals such as rats, frogs and goldfish for experimenting. During science class, we learned biology and we dissected frog’s heart and chicken’s wings only because their organs look similar to a human’s organs. However according to research, only 3% of human and frog’s DNA match, and only 10% of chicken’s DNA match with human DNA “2004 Release” . These animals are being killed for experimental use, when there isn't even scientific evidence that it is completely reliable.  These animals are unfortunately being killed by humans just for their own use when animals and humans are both equal living organisms. I strongly believe that animal testing should be banned.

Animal testing should be banned because the human body system and animal body systems are different. Do you really think that the heart or body system of a mouse/rat on the road and a human would be the same? According to the Dr. Richard Klausner, a former director of the US National cancer institute, claimed that, “The history of cancer research has been the history of curing cancer of the mouse. We have cured mice of cancer for decades and it simply didn't work in human beings(Cruelty).” Also, 100 of the mice cells type were found that only 20% of the DNA is responsible for genes in mice could be matched with human DNA(Cruelty) ”.  This shows that animals and humans are different from animals, therefore people shouldn’t test on animals.

In addition, animals and humans are same, equal living organisms, and we have the same sets of behavior and both have emotions. As specified by, “All Animals Are Equal”, an essay written by philosopher Peter in 1988, it is written down “Human beings are not the only living organisms, to be consistent, we must extend the principle of equal consideration of interests to all sentient beings(Are).” This shows that human beings shouldn’t kill the animals when doing experiments because we need to extend the principle of equal consideration to all living organisms. When I was dissecting the frog I felt that I was killing an organism and just because of me, a small organism died. Am I even a human? I think that many people would regret after dissecting the animal.

Some people argue that we need to harm other animals and kill them in the name of “science”.  Many people believe that it is acceptable to test on animals because they need to research and find new facts about animals since they are just animals. On the other hand, this is inappropriate since animal and human body systems are completely different and also animals are living organisms. According to an article, animal experimentation includes exposing animals to radiation, forcing animals to inhale toxic gases and more(Cruelty). Also animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, prolonged periods of physical restraint, the infliction of burns and other wounds to study the healing process, the infliction of pain to study its effects and remedies, and "killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means(About)." This could clearly show that people should stop animal testing since the animals will feel a lot of pain.

Every year, 100 million animals die because of animal testing (Experiments). Do you think that it is fair for the animals to die for animal testing? People should stop animal testing because it is too crucial for the animals. Rather than testing on animals, they could do silico modeling which is a wide range of sophisticated computer models that simulate human biology and the progression of developing diseases. In addition, there’s a choice of doing ‘Vitro Testing’, which is an “organ on chips” that contain human cells grown in a state of art system that is made in Harvard Institute (Human).  These choices are exceptional and much better than doing experiments on animals. Why kill the animals when there are solutions like these? I strongly believe that people should ban animal testing.

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