Bottled Water Arguement

February 24, 2017
By Dreoncr BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
Dreoncr BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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Bottled water should be banned. It takes so much to make bottled water, and really, what does it do for you? How is it even remotely better than tap water..? The answer is, IT’S NOT!

Bottled water is really just purified tap water with a fancy name and mountains on the bottle. Not only is it the same water, it takes more water energy from you, and from anyone that makes it. It takes body energy AND fuel energy.

According to New york times, It takes 31.2 billion liters of water (which could be used for family’s in Africa, or places where people need the water or supplies. Not only does it take a LOT of water, it take 106 billion Megajoules of energy to create them.

Now for you, it takes a lot of energy out of your body to open the bottle, drink it, and refrigerate your water. When with tap water, you just have to flip the handle, place a cup under for about 10 seconds then drink. Seems like the second one is easier.

My teacher (you) showed me and my class an article about a recent law that was passed. Donald J. Trump has made a law (that congress passed) that makes it legal for Miner’s to dump their waste into rivers (that will pollute it). This in some ways will make it better for bottled water companies, and will also WRECK any water supplies in towns. Now Mining companies are allowed to dump whatever they want into the rivers. This makes it worse for the people defending tap water because people have a new excuse to drink bottled not tap

Bottled water should be banned. New law or old law, bad tap, or good tap we can save energy, and help our pollution problems. Bottled water isn’t good for our community and shouldn’t be apart of it.

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