Global Warming or Global Fraud?

February 2, 2017
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According to Webster’s Dictionary, “Global warming is a slight, but continuing increase in the temperature of the lower atmosphere, usually attributed to an intensifying of greenhouse effect that could lead to harmful climatic conditions” (574). Global warming is a world spread epidemic that has many quivering in fear. This hoax has been created to gain trust, wealth, and power. Al Gore and the enviro groups invited the fear of global warming, which would be used to seize control of global energy production and consumption (“A Global Warming Scam”). The government has dumped trillions of dollars into the “global warming” epidemic, yet it is only based on computer projections. Global warming is a fraud created to gain political power and wealth.

Computers are just too crude to predict global warming.  The atmosphere is three-dimensional and dynamic, so building a computer model that even approximates reality requires far more data than exists and much greater understanding of extremely turbulent and complex system. No computer model put forth by the IPCC in support of global warming has been accurate, nor ever could be (Caruba). “The whole scam is based on mathematical models,” Lehr explains. He adds none of those models anticipated nor accounted for global cooling in 2007 that basically erased the 100 years of global warming preceding it (Fighting the Global Warming Scam). In order for computers to produce predictions that come close to their designers’ expectations, modelers resort to “flux adjustment” that can be 25 times larger than the effect of doubling carbon dioxide concentrations, the supposed trigger for global warming, Richard A. Kerr, a writer for Science, says “climate Modelers have been ‘cheating’ for so long it’s almost become respectable” (American Policy Roundtable).

The whole scam has trillions of dollars driving it, which has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS. The concept behind global warming is fear and control. President Donald J. Trump has spoken up about global warming calling it a “hoax based on faulty science and manipulated data. The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Another global-warming skeptic dared to speak up. Meteorologist John Coleman, founder of Weather Channel, calls global warming “the greatest scam in history.” Even if global warming is something to worry about, it’s dangerous to look to the government to fix the climate. The government is a “blunt instrument, riddled with self-serving politics and special-interest pandering”. To expect it to do something as complicated as calibrate regulations and taxes, to fine-tune the climate-without making many people poorer and a few cronies richer-is naïve. We have a powerful generator of solutions if we let it work: the free market (Weather Channel Founder Blasts Global-Warming Scam).
People in the developing world desperately need money. Their development on the flimsy promise of climate “fixes” will only make hard lives harder (Weather Channel Founder Blasts Global-Warming Scam). In 1995, Congress adopted nationwide corporate average fuel efficiency stands (CAFE) for motor vehicles and significantly stiffened them in 2007 (to 35 mpg in 2020). That act specifically forbids states from imposing fuel economy standards of their own (“A Global Warming Scam”). In December of 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) talked congress into declaring an endangerment finding for greenhouse gases (GHGs). When the EPA essentially declared that GHGs threaten the Public health and welfare of the American people and should be regulated by the Clean Air Act, but GHGs are responsible for 2 million tons of additional vegetation on the equator.

The Clean Air Act has regulated air pollution from motor vehicles: nitrogen oxides, particulates, ozone, and other products of petroleum combustion that have harmful effects on human health (“A Global Warming Scam”). Before the automobile, America’s cities suffered from a terrible pollutant, horse manure. As economist Noble Laureate Robert Fogel said, “There were 200,000 horses in New York City. At the beginning of the 20th Century horses were defecating everywhere, when you walked around you were breathing pulverized horse manure.” From such air and water pollution, people contracted cholera, typhoid, and other deadly diseases. When the internal-combustion engine came along, the air and ground became much cleaner. Environmentalist romanticize the days before the car, but who wants to go back to that filth and disease (“Weather Channel Founder Blasts Global-Warming Scam”)?

Global warming theories promulgated by the US and others are falling apart, as claim after claim are being debunked, yet the IPCC and climate alarmists continue to push the notion that “science” demands a global carbon regime, windmills, international wealth redistribution, central planning, less personal freedom and more (“Climate Alarmism and the Corruption of Science”). If you disagree with the demands of these self-entitled climate gurus then you are promptly attacked as a heretic, or denier. The US, based on its discredited models, now claims to be 95 percent certain that humans are to blame for global warming. Politicians motivated by money, power and glory are more than happy to jump on the global-warming bandwagon, while they are doing that increased hunger and starvation are occurring in the third world, because some crops are being used to make environment-friendly fuels (like ethanol) rather than feeding people (“Global Warming Dismissed as ‘lies’”).

Alarmists frequently quote the executive summaries of reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations report, Climate Change 2001, actually says about predicting the future climate: “The Earth’s atmosphere-ocean dynamics is chaotic: its evolution is sensitive to small perturbations in initial conditions. This sensitivity limits out ability to predict the detailed evolution of weather; inevitable errors and uncertainties in the starting conditions of a weather forecast amplify through the forecast. As well as uncertainty in our ability to represent accurately the significant climate processes.” After raising their spending with reckless abandon during the 1900s, states now face a cumulative projected deficit of more than $90 billion. Incredibly, most states nevertheless persist in backing unnecessary and expensive greenhouse gas reduction programs. New Jersey, for example, collects $358 million a year in utility taxes to fund greenhouse gas reduction programs. Such programs will have no impact on global greenhouse gas emissions. All they do is destroy jobs and waste money.
Reducing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions to 7 percent below 1990’s levels by the year 2012 (the target set by the Kyoto Protocol) would require higher energy taxes and regulations causing the nation to lose 2.4 million jobs and $300 billion in annual economic output. Average household income nationwide would fall by $2,700, and state tax revenues would decline by $93.1 billion due to less taxable earned income and sales, and lower property values. Full implementation of the Kyoto Protocol by all participating nations would reduce due to less taxable earned income and sales, and lower property values. Full implementation of the Kyoto Protocol by all participating nations would reduce global temperature in the year 2100 by a mere 0.14 degrees Celsius (“The Great Global Warmup”). More than 17,000 scientists have signed a petition circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science (“The Great Global Warm Up”). Signers explaining the reasoning behind the signing says, “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” (Go to the oism site for the complete petition and names of signers.)

In 2010, the late world-renowned physicist Harold Lewis, who served as chairman of the physics department at the University of California, blasted the corruption of science in a now-famous letter when resigning from the American Physical Society (APS). "It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave," he wrote. "It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents."  Professor Robert Carter, former head of the School of Earth Sciences at Australia’s James Cook University, called the UN entity a "political body," has publicly presented a "profoundly distorted" view of climate science to the public and is "destroying the essence of the scientific method." While the evidence supporting UN climate hysteria is getting "weaker and weaker," Carter continued, “The IPCC is ramping up the alarmism. This is hocus-pocus science and the IPCC report is full of it," he said. "It's a religion, in fact, that has to be challenged."

According to physicist John Droz, "Political science is about promoting schemes that have economic or political benefits for a favored, usually well connected, few.” Droz has developed a detailed presentation outlining the problems he has encountered during more than 30 years of environmental advocacy. He added, "Real science is a process where a proper assessment determines the validity of a hypothesis - AGW (anthropogenic global warming), for example, such an assessment has four main ingredients: 1) comprehensive, 2) objective, 3) transparent and 4) empirical. No such scientific evaluation has been done concerning the AGW hypothesis, wind energy, ethanol, sea-level rise, or any other such self-serving concoctions."

Global warming is a fraud created to gain political power and wealth. The multi-trillion dollar industry has hurt our country and destroyed lives to keep this lie stable. The IPCC cannot explain or prove that humans are the ones destroying the planet, yet they use faulty computer projections to “prove” humans are at fault. Corrupt politicians and scientist push the epidemic to keep the money flowing and people scared; however President Donald J. Trump, John Coleman, Robert Fogel, and many more have spoken up about this corrupt system, and the lies it has been telling people. Scientist also fantasize about the past, but in reality the past was full of disease and filth. Who wants to go back to that?

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