Habitat Destruction Essay

May 19, 2016
By kendal.26 BRONZE, Glenpool, Oklahoma
kendal.26 BRONZE, Glenpool, Oklahoma
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Each and every organism is part of a huge interconnected web of life. If one animal or becomes extinct the whole web suffers.  Habitat destruction should be outlawed because animals are slowly dying off without homes in their natural habitats.  The more animals that become extinct the more species that die. For the species that dies means that, that species predator will also most likely die due to the lack of food from their prey.


Forest destruction is a major threat to the survival of wild animals. By bulldozing land, filling in wetlands, dredging rivers, mowing fields, and cutting down trees, forces animals to leave their home.   By doing this, these animals have no choice but to exit their homes in the forest.  Without the forest they have to adapt to the new environment, which is very hard to accomplish. 

Destruction, fragmentation, and degradation are the major kinds of habitat loss.  20% of world's oxygen is from the rainforest, so what would we do without the forest?   28,000 species will be extinct by the next quarter of the century!  Well heck, will there be any left?  1½ acres of forest is cut down per second so, It is estimated that in 100 years there will be no forest.

Agricultural, land conversion, water development, pollution, and global warming are the main drivers for habitat loss.  Although they are all terrible, agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation.  A single rainforest loses up to 20 football fields per MINUTE. Although 25% of cancer fighting organisms are in the rainforest people still choose to cut down the forest!

Opponents might ask “Where do we build buildings and homes and neighborhoods? The answer is simple. Pre-harvested land development!

Habitat destruction kills animals, so should it be outlawed? Animals will continue to die without homes, and without animals where do we get food?, without food how will we survive?, So Will we to die off soon?

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