What is a Dystopia?

July 24, 2014
By , Portland, OR
What is a dystopia? Well, In a dystopia normally it’s a society typically the antagonist, or is a group actively working against the protagonist which aims and destroys. The roots of of a dystopia is a term to describe and unfavorable society in which people live. For instance, If you don't care about procreating than living in a world in which the birth rates is regulated such as in the book “The Giver” or the government listens to conversations what life is that creating. When is it enough. When must soceity get control and not the government. By having a government tell you how, when or how often you can procreate wouldn't that be a nightmare, what is the reason for a dystopia. Will this be the fall to a world we call home?

In a dystopia the society often gives up a A in exchange for B which we took notes on in class about. Most of the time the benefit of B Blinds society to the loss of A. However; the society is hurt by the downfall of all the above. People come to realization, and must accept the world they once thought was an ideal world really isn't. As far as the idea that you could be living in a dystopia and not even know it is really an I opener. Theres always to side to an dystopia most are blinded by the fake and unrealness they start to believe its part of a day to day life style. It happens all over the world. People must stand and open up to a newer surrounding and outside world, but most time it too late.

For example with the people in North Korea, They had one ruler who lead them to believe he was a god to their country. Every thing in the country was displayed as if he personally had made it or signed it or created it. One person can’t single handedly be capable of doing such a thing. Furthermore, the people there were brought up to know and learn their ruler has done a lot for them. Therefore, they live life brainwashed to believe someone with not all that much power in reality, controls everything they do.

Did you know every single day in America, the U.s government intercepts and stores nearly 2 million emails, phone calls and other forms of electronic communication. Its called the “Big brother society”. Either most americans are not aware of what's is really going on or they have just accepted it as part of modern life. Law enforcement have become absolutely obsessed with watching us, and getting everyone else to spy on each other without either knowing it.
Some say were descending into a dystopian nightmare and American people better wake up.

Whether or not a society is perceived as a dystopia it is usually determined by one's’ point of view. Theres plenty of societies within the world, the ideal society is one that blends together everyone is and can function as whole, but others fall. Most dystopias are seen in movies and books as warnings, or as satires, showing current trends to nightmarish conclusion of what's to come. Does a person accept the modern day to day life or opens and realizes the twisted nightmare that most people fear of the world to come?

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