I Am Nature

October 8, 2008
I take a look at life and the things around me. I do not just see objects in nature. I see meanings. Rocks are not just mineral build ups laid on earth. They are the representation of how life changes. I see flowers, not as meaningless plants coming out of the ground, but as living things in nature. To me water isn’t just a necessity for humans; it is the constant movement of life using various emotions. I am a major characteristic of nature; I was created, and I can be destroyed. I can create, and I can destroy. All these elements represent one thing in general: life. I live, therefore I am nature.

My life is constantly changing. I never know what is around the corner. Sometimes I am perfectly settled in one routine of life. Then all of the sudden something can change instantly: earthquake. The changes in my life sometimes are more subtle though. I am always me, but the more people I meet and the more things I learn and do change me very gradually but surly. I am the erosion of rocks.
All of life on earth is growing. I have grown since I was born. I have physically grown larger and larger like a plant living in nature. Growth takes place everyday in my life. I learn something new just about everyday, and to me that is growing. To grow in nature, plants need to feed and consume water. Identical to a plant, I would not live without food or water. I am a smarter more evolved reflection of a plant.
Most water is always moving. I do not physically move every second, but I am always moving on in life. I have not always been in the same grade at the same place with the same people because I have moved on in life. Water also represents emotions in life. Sometimes water is calm. Sometimes it’s rapidly raging through a river taking anything in its path, which represents anger. I am not always calm nor, I am not always angry. Like water, I flow through life.
A common characteristic in nature is the ability to be created or destroyed. Like all other things in nature, I was created. In my belief it was in result of the evolution that has taken place over many years. I was created instantly. I wasn’t completely developed but I was there. I can be destroyed just as easily and just as quickly. This also means that I can create my own. I can create life simply by planting a seed of a flower which grows and becomes life. Also, because of being conceived I can also conceive. This has to mean that I can destroy as well. Oh, yes. I, in comparison to any living being can destroy. I can end life. I can create life.
People may not understand that these elements in nature are so commonly related to life. Some people just see things in life not representing life but filling spaces in life. I see beyond the objectivity and look directly into the metaphor. Flowers are the growth of all beings. They grow and feed and reproduce. Rocks are the changes in everyday life. They crumble, erode, and can be immediately changed in seconds. In addition, one of the main natural resource used by all living things (water) is emotionally moving through life like me living my life. I am characteristics of nature. Nature is life. I am alive. I am nature.

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casey_lg said...
Jul. 15, 2015 at 10:05 am
@Jean-Luc D. , this is very, very impressive. I would love to take a trip inside your mind! I can only imagine it is chock full of ideas, theories, and some darn good smarts. Keep writing. (This deserved way better than what it got.)
Mtizzle said...
Feb. 2, 2012 at 2:07 pm
Awesome article i loved it
AquaFire This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 22, 2011 at 5:44 pm
I really love this ! This is beautiful and I agree with mostly everything that you've mentioned :3
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