The Smart & Evil Cap & Trade

October 2, 2013
By kpcho BRONZE, Bogota, Other
kpcho BRONZE, Bogota, Other
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The cap and trade is a plan that the nations came up with to supposedly decrease the amount of pollution from carbon dioxide. I think this plan was absolutely not cool, because the carbon traders would become rich by cheating and doing wrong stuff to win money. The plan was to reduce the average usage of carbon in the World by limiting more the carbon by putting a “cap” on top of it, and then selling them to businesses each business having a limited permit, and after they use the carbon they could recycle it and then use it again.

Although this plan may be made for money and other bad stuff, I think at the same time that the cap and trade was smart though because the plan was to limit the usage of carbon and when used it would be recycled, and many businesses would make their factories more efficient so we can decrease pollution. Also businesses that have carbon, but they don’t use them, they can sell it to the factories that really need them. ? This is the trade part. But we should be more aware and be smarter, and instead of just reducing the carbon usage, we should start thinking of different types of energies and be more efficient.

All this good stuff (The Cap and Trade), that people agree and think it’s awesome is what we call “the devil is in the details”. Because the cap and traders make you think everything will be ok. They “reduce” the amount of carbon, however to win more money they chemically change the carbon and they do not recycle the carbon, so it pollutes more again and the “cap” can’t hold the carbon and it goes back to pollution. I think people should be really aware of this.

People think this plan is good and ok, but it’s not at all. It pollutes the same amount as if we don’t use the cap, because traders start cheating to win more money. The real solutions are: Solid caps, STRONG LAWS (really important), citizen action, and carbon fees so people don’t buy a lot due to its price.

This is the real definition of cap and trade: a new market to reduce CO2 pollution by trading/ selling C02 and an attempt to reduce the CO2 emissions by distributing permits.

In this technological and advanced World, we could be able to find thousands of ways we don’t know to continue our daily lives and not polluting. Maybe sometimes we can use carbon we have to reduce way much more. CARBON FOOTPRINTS ARE ONE OF THE MOST POLLUTS this day, because we use it excessively.

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