Pollution in Action

May 7, 2013
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Healthy forest and clean water are interring dependent. About 60 percent of freshwater resource’s in this country come from forests. People in the world need their children to have a chance to live in the good life, in an environment. The goal of the clean water act (CWA) has been the restore and maintains the chemicals, physical and biological.
Water sheds make them part of the solution to the water pollution challenges we face today. While the 1972 CWA was innovative for its time, it’s it needs an update to better meet the new and complex challenges of the 21stcentury.
I think each state should have same could filter all around the states and less trash ship and boat travel across the lakes and oceans. Because of different kinds of animals dyeing and it’s all because of us.
The trash and people putting chemicals or oils in our waters are really hurting the environment. Forest absorbs rain, refill underground aquifers, cool and cleanse water, slow storm runoff, reduce flooding regulate the melting of the snowpack at high altitude.
In 1970 point-source pollution accounted for 85 percent of the pollution in our water and groundwater. Several of people try to make the environment better and greener. But there are even more people doesn’t want to help out and lend a hand.
In the past 30 years there has been a nearly threefold in nitrogen pollution from non-point sources entering the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi river. If the U.S continues to live the way we live now, there may not be a future.
All around the world there are millions of people burn trash and in Europe, people burn trash like any other day, but they also recycle but that really hurts the environment in so many different ways (I can't even think of).
Commercial fertilizer uses throughout the basin is the largest source of nitrogen through other sources that contribute include animal waste, sewage treatment plants and fossil fuels combustion.
How many factory companies care about where and how trash leaves the companies property as long as the company doesn’t see it or has responsibly are it. But soon the world dies, because of the humans that didn’t care to take responsibly for their actions. People regret the way people look at thing in a completely different. But soon it will be too late.
Public concern about adequate supplies of clean water was a major reason for the establishment of a national forest system. American forest was instrumental in that effort and continues to advocate for sound water policy today.
Our future doesn’t look very good for our future family and our own life’s. We as a nation, have not been as effective at addressing non-point source pollution or many new challenges that our rivers, steam and other bodies of water are now facing, such as invasive species.
Pollution can affect the world and how it functions. Pollution can kill different kinds of life organizes. If there is no clean air or water, there wouldn’t be any on the plant. Clean water acts, nearly half of all rivers lakes and streams are still not swimmable and fishable, large because of non-point source pollutants. So recycle no bottled water, make a difference and fight for our environment.

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