Electric Vs. Fuel

January 17, 2013

The scene takes place in an office in a building. There is a large banner over the door in the back of the room that says “Bring your child to work day”. A plaque next to the door says Mercedes-Benz. In the room is a large desk with lots of blueprints and designs on top of it.

(Dad sits at the desk sketching out designs on paper. Son walks in through the door looking very innocent and embraces Dad. Son then looks at car designs and gives dad a funny look.)

(Son holds up blueprint) Son: Hey, Dad? How come you want this car to run on fuel instead of electricity? Don’t you want a nice environment with tons of grass, trees, and animals in twenty years?

Dad: Well, Sure I do. It’s just that it is easier to make cars that run on fuel than it is to make electric cars.

Son: Why? You, the owner of this company, are the one who can make a difference

Dad: Why? Because I have to do all sorts of things like get a new engine, make that engine fit the car design, and tons of other stuff.

(The scene starts to change into a wasteland and Dad’s expression turns to fear as his world turns to a forest of burning trees as far as the eye can see and he can see animals running but never escaping)

Son: Dad! Why couldn’t you have just made your new cars electric? Why?

(End scene)

This might be a slight exaggeration on how the effect of whether we us electric cars or not matters, but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to the environment and how our cars are affecting it. What if you want a world like our world today? What if you want as many species on this earth as there are today? What if you want green vegetation and wilderness like today. Many things are changing and the environment isn’t something we want to be one of them. One example could be the polar ice caps. As many of us know, the polar ice caps are melting and are making life harder and harder for animals such as polar bears. We should try and be more green for the future so that we can maintain its current state for many years to come. There are many ways to help save our environment and switching to having a majority of electric cars is one of them. Electric cars will give us a more efficient and eco-friendly way to be mobile and maybe even a little stylish.

We’ve made good progress as a society, especially in the past year of 2012, as far as making electric cars goes. We have come out with many electric cars from makers such as BMW, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Tesla, and Coda. Tesla and Coda offering even style with their electrically powered sedans. Even said by New York Times writer Bradley Berman, a distinguished writer and researcher of electric cars and green transportation and current editor of the transportation section of home power magazine, 2012 could be considered “the year of the electric car”. He also talks about in his article Make Way for Kilowatts: a Growing-Up Year for Plug-Ins, about how electric charging stations are also spreading throughout “forward thinking communities”. However he also says that we haven’t made much progress towards making standardized plugs for the “fast-charging” stations that would get rid of some public resistance towards E.V.’s (Electric Vehicles).
You could say that gas cars are better for many reasons, I suppose. You could say that it would be too much to switch to having all electric vehicles. However, the earth is being effected by our actions and the sooner we switch, the faster it gets done and the faster we can stop global warming in its tracks.
The opinion of this expert and many others comes from the cold-hard-facts. To name a few - in 2011, 45% of our petroleum was imported from foreign countries. E.V.s will help reduce the amount of petroleum that we import and will increase the country’s energy security. E.V.s could reduce fuel costs dramatically because of the cost of electricity versus conventional fuel because of the little to no reliance on fuel. E.V.s have the benefits of more flexible charging times such as overnight or while you’re at work, where as conventional cars do not. E.V.s are able to convert around 59-62% of their electricity from their grid to power at the wheels while conventional gas vehicles only are able to convert around 17-22%. These are just a few of the many things that make electric cars better than gas cars.

All of these combined facts and statistics create a reason why we should switch to having all electrically powered vehicles. We have the technology and the right attitude, but just not the progress. Even experts say that we have the progress and that we are headed in the right direction. There are multiple benefits to switching which include going more green and increasing our nation’s energy security. We have all of these reasons to switch to electric cars, but do we have the drive?

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