Tricking the Youth

January 18, 2013
By Anonymous

I am all for the better treatment of animals. I am for more humane methods of having them slaughtered for our consumption and I am against animal cruelty with all my heart. But what I am is a hunter, dignified meat eater, and proud pet owner. But thanks to some inappropriate (albeit clever) propaganda from the infamous animal rights group PETA, the youth of the future may not think the same.

Around Christmas, PETA got in some very hot water after they posted a billboard in Canada asking kids if they thought it was morally acceptable to eat their pet, with a picture of a cat’s head on top of a turkey’s body. People all around the world were outraged that PETA had the audacity to be putting this kind of pressure and critical thinking on children who don’t even fully understand their lives yet.

But sadly, this wasn’t an isolated incident. For years now, PETA has been focusing on children, since they realize that, thanks in part to their fanaticism; they’re quickly losing support from the adult body.

PETA launched a website, PETA2; back in the mid 2000’s directly attributed towards children. Not young adults, not even early teenagers, but prepubescent children, often times not even in middle school.

The website is not terribly unlike the main PETA website, it is similarly laid out with those same pictures of cute adorable animals frolicking in wide open pastures, giving us their message, “Animals are not ours to eat. Animals are not ours to wear. Animals are not ours to abuse. Animals are not ours for entertainment.” In fact, the website is almost exactly like the adult versioned PETA website in that retrospect. But what disturbed me deeply from leaving the website, was the games section.

The games were utterly disturbing, many involving more blood and guts than many M-rated videogames with violence and murder around every corner. One game in particular, “Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals” was incredibly disturbing.

In this game, you follow PETA’s sick and twisted ideas on how a mother makes a turkey. It involves cutting off heads, ripping out intestines, sucking blood out with a turkey baster, among other gory content. Keep in mind; they designed this game for CHILDREN! Then, towards the end, Mama turns vegan. And apparently to PETA, making a tofu-turkey is much easier than making a regular turkey. When you’re preparing the real turkey, Mama is the definition of a psychopath, who spews insults every chance she gets. When she turns vegan, she gives helpful words of encouragement if you’re having a rough time with one of the levels.

And, what I find even more disturbing is PETA offers two free comic books to new members. The comics are appropriately entitled “Your Mommy Kills Animals,” and “Your Daddy Kills Animals.” Those are despicable. And the best part is still to come.

PETA will, every so often, send in representatives to talk to students into certain schools. Seems innocent enough, right? Almost every organization imaginable sends in representatives to talk to students. But here’s where it stops being so innocent, PETA representatives oftentimes request teachers leave the room for the seminars. This is so the representatives can encourage the children to do things behind the backs of their parents, such as throwing out meat from the freezer. But the sick part is that, oftentimes, these “representatives” are convicted felons. PETA usually sends in representatives who are, or were, part of the domestic terrorist group, the “Animal Liberation Front” to talk to the students. These are people who firebombed buildings, who released thousands of animals who knew nothing but the inside of a building, to a slow death in the outside world, or caused tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to laboratories.

In other words, PETA is sending in terrorists to talk to our children. Like I said in the beginning of my article, I love animals, but PETA is over the top. I understand they have the right of free speech, but they use it and abuse it in such a way into brainwashing our youth for their own personal gains.

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