December 18, 2012
As the twilight glow makes the dew caught in the silk threads of the spider's web between blades of grass glisten like crystals, hung, frozen, in silent thought.
As the crow rises it's black, feathered head and caws into the oncoming day as if he was trying to scare it into giving him a few more moments rest
As the ladybugs and fireflies trade shifts on their stage of the air...
And the children stir in their beds as they succumb to the call of consciousness ripping them away from their dreams and their nightmares...
The sun sheds its light over all the world then, its beams spreading out over countless miles, scattering the darkness like a mother does the monsters in the darkest corners of the closet.
Then wraps their child in a warm embrace, the mother, her son, the sun, the earth...

And a new day begins

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