Chipping In

December 13, 2012
By Anonymous

The Earth is slowly but steadily being destroyed. As bad as it sounds, us people do nothing compared to what it would take to reverse this horrific truth. Driving on the highway and seeing trash everywhere you look. Landfills filled to the brim in every county. People doing nothing to save the planet. There isn’t a specific plan to save the world. There is only one way the planet can be saved, and it’s through each and every one of us. Every single person needs to chip in to save the planet. Everyone recycling, everyone keeping each other accountable for the things we do that harm the environment. It’ll take a concerted effort by every individual on this Earth. Plans may slow down the process of destruction and delay it, but the only thing that will keep the Earth around is every single person doing their part to keep it around. There isn’t another way around it.

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