Controversy on Technology

November 27, 2012
By WorldWriter SILVER, San Jose, California
WorldWriter SILVER, San Jose, California
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Technology today is growing so rapidly that we sometimes can’t even keep track of it. Models such as Apple’s iPod and iPhone are being circulated globally; Google can navigate practically anywhere or anything in the world; even social networking sites such as Facebook are attracting larger audiences and greater innovation. However, in the midst of all this revolution, are we really achieving our primary goal? What is the purpose of technology? Is technology really beneficial to us?

In terms of the modern society, technology has already become a medium of entertainment, where people play games and such. You can find forms of entertainment literally anywhere, from social networking media to TV consoles to even cell phones. However, back then it was different. Machines were often related to the comforts or even survival of everyday life. Computers were used to do the tedious calculations that humans couldn’t do. Even the phones were only used for business and other serious matters. Today, though, it all seems changed.

Perhaps the first indication of change was the improvement of life from the late 20th century onward. As life became increasingly better, people wanted to do something more “fun” with their time; Video games and television became the cure. Technology soon became a luxury of life, and people would turn to it just to pass the time. Ever since this period of time, the gaming industries such as Nintendo have enjoyed a great popularity. This change is quite significant in many ways. Firstly, the means of entertainment shifted from simple objects such as chess to consoles such as the handheld PSP. Secondly, it has affected the global economy in an enormous way; finally, the rapid innovation of these machines has totally changed the original purpose of technology and how it should be used.

By changing the means of entertainment, technology has modified a whole field of knowledge/study. One of the most conspicuous effects can be seen through the comparison of chess and video games, also, consequently, the comparison between the old and new versions of known entertainment. Chess is a more strategic game that can develop one’s mind and increase his IQ. Video games, on the other hand, can increase imagination. In contrast to the adage “Sky’s the limit,” Dee, a character from The Alchemist by Michael Scott, remarks that “our imagination is the limit.” Video games and such certainly have the potential to increase the limits of human power, and in many ways, the pros and cons of this are very controversial.

Because technology affects the limits to what mankind is capable of, it is also the factor to change on a global scale; it greatly influences the economy. Technology is reliant on the components that make it up, namely plastic and metal parts, wiring, electricity, etc. In today’s world, technology is connected to so many other markets that it would be impossible to stop using it without completely collapsing the global market and our own lives. Take thriving companies such as Google, for example. If Google had suddenly shut down, the results would be devastating. All 30,000 of its employees would go into unemployment, not to mention that our economy will also be severely damaged. On the other hand, if Google were to continue thriving, our economy would flourish, but we would become more dependent on the technological world. Again, this uncovers the controversy as to whether or not technology is beneficial to humans.

Last but not least is the purpose of technology and why we use it. In the past, technology should have been used for the benefit of survival and comfort of life, but today, it is used for entertainment purposes. In the end, it all comes down to one question: which one do we value more? So far, technology has been one huge controversy, a conflict within itself. If we can find the true purpose of technology, than we can use it to our fullest benefits. However, people have different morals, different goals to achieve. It is precisely this reason that the purpose of technology is hard to judge. Ultimately, it boils down to one’s personal interests. The purpose of technology is one that has not been explained very clearly, but then again, it doesn’t really need much explanation – technology should just be used to achieve one’s goals.

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