Would you consume flesh? Its all up to you.

October 2, 2012
By CaringHeart BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
CaringHeart BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Did you know that up to 2 million people a year have heart attacks or strokes and up to 800,000 die per year as a result just in America alone? This is the result of over eating, particularly from eating animal flesh. There have been a number of articles and controversies over animals and consumption, but we all can’t hide the truth. Did you know that America is placed at second for eating the most meat in the world? Did that startle you? It shouldn't.

Meats tend to be very high in fat, especially in saturated fat. Saturated fat by itself gains so much controversy. Some state we don’t need it while others state that the fat is bad. Whatever the case maybe, it appears straight from facts and by numerous occurrences that animal flesh affects out cardiovascular system in many negative ways. Not only can it put strain on the heart, but it clogs the arteries in the heart slowing down the blood flow. This isn't even the end. Meat can cause you to gain weight that we shouldn't be gaining if we were not consuming as much. Because of how we deprive our animals of what they need most, this content rises. Animals need to be able to graze naturally with food they can digest. Corn isn't a healthy substitute for grass or anything else an animal is supposed to eat. We can’t digest corn, what makes you think they can? Corn clogs up the systems and causes some nasty affects on them in general. Imagine being fed that the rest of the month you’re left to live while you can’t exercise or interact with other animals. That causes a higher fat content and higher risks of diseases. Not only this, meat also contains tons of calories causing weight gain to occur.

Flesh also has high cholesterol that can end up causing stress upon you and decreases exercise. When you eat meat, you’re consuming the animal’s cholesterol. We’re good on our own merit at regulating cholesterol without this.

If having heart problems was bad, imagine what it does to the digestive system. Meat can be a leading cause of cancer and other digestive problems. In a study from 1980, there were 121,342 men and women tested about health and diet. About 5,910 deaths are from cardiovascular disease and 9,464 are from cancer. Studies shown that people who ate red meat tend to be less active, more likely to smoke, and have a higher body max. Your body isn't always made to digest meat. Meat takes a longer time to digest within your body and because of this, it putrefies. Cow meat in particular takes 3 days to digest. Yuck! This causes toxins that can accumulate in the liver; kidneys and large intestines. The meat will adhere in your intestines the longer you eat said meat in your diet where it can cause some other major health issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), stomach cramps, prolapsed colons, hemorrhoids, constipation, and many other problems not even linked to the intestines. The chances of colon cancer double because of the length in time in order to digest the meat tends to be long. This leads to cancer causing agents to build in your intestine lining.

There are many other medical issues linked to eating meat in particular. There are even more reasons why you shouldn't eat meat and more for just not drinking milk. For example: You can get bacterial diseases, your higher at risk for osteoporosis, the chances of weight gain increases, heart disease increases, you can affect your body by creating diseases in and out of your digestive tract, cause cancer, get their diseases, and even affect your hormones. Why would you want to destroy your body and not just you, everyone’s? Would you want to eat flesh? It’s all up to you.

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