The Death Of Our Planet

September 26, 2012
By Maddie1998 BRONZE, Yea, Other
Maddie1998 BRONZE, Yea, Other
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Every year around 3 billion trees are getting cut down by loggers and no one is helping the animals. For every tree cut down that is one less home for birds, monkeys, chin chillers and everything else that lives in a tree. So I am here to tell you why logging is a bad idea.
First of all I believe that logging is a bad idea because it is just one less home for the animals and leaves them homeless. Leaving them on the ground where most of them are not used to being. Because they usually hide from their predators in the trees but when the trees are taken away they have to go on the ground where anything could happen. In Madagascar lemurs are having to go on the ground and are being killed by cars and other animals such as the fossa, boas, eagles, and hawks but mainly the humans. Because we are cutting down the trees, they rely on the trees so they can move to where they need to go. But because we are cutting down the trees and are getting killed.
Secondly how are we going to live? Because if it wasn’t for trees how would we breath? Because trees are our oxygen. No trees=No oxygen. Because trees absorb carbon dioxide through its leaves extracts the carbon and releases the clean oxygen out through its leaves. Plus if we are dead the all the trees would die too.
Finally we are running out of trees. Because of loggers some are illegally cutting down trees. Most people who are illegally cutting down trees are important people like High Level Bureaucrats, Security Personal and Business people. So they can’t be touched. So some people have gone to the government has done nothing at all to help.
Therefore I believe that we should stop the logging. But if that is not possible then help the animals find new homes. Watch out for them and make protected enclosures for them, so their home cannot be touched. So please do something to help these animals so they don’t go extinct.

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