Population Overload

July 15, 2012
By Auzurd27 BRONZE, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Auzurd27 BRONZE, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
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There are so many defects and faults in the world right now it's hard to pick one. Do you stand up for the slowly dying polar bears, accuse the lying politicians on every ad you see, or do you hit the nail on the head with the poverty that grows alongside our population?

They all relate to one thing. The obvious overpopulation and abuse of our world. Each day the highway is scattered with cars, the obvious and most common use for transportation. We drink bottled water because it tastes better than tap and throw it away, not casting a second glance on the future. Those small things like riding your bike or using recycled materials are what's going to make or break our future, our children's future.

Scientists recently estimated that Earth's population will increase by up to four billion people in our lifetime. By now you must be thinking the more people the better. Right? Wrong. As it is we have whole states covered in rolling plains and farmland, yet we still don't have a surplus of fruits and vegetables. Last year our ocean was flooded with oil after we made a reckless decision for the natural resource that's being used by 62.1 million barrels a day. We aren't going to last forever, and frankly neither is the Earth.

That brings us to our solutions. Most people ignore these comments on our diminishing world because they think someone else will do it. Guess what, know one else is. Each of us need to contribute, if only a little bit. Stop drinking bottled water. Recycle your paper and plastic. Get a car with good gas mileage instead of that gas guzzling truck you've been yearning for. It's not a question of whether or not we can do it. It's whether or not we want to do it.

If you want your kids' kids to grow up with the same beautiful green forests and clear skies as you did, the answer is yes.

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