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May 24, 2012
By Anonymous

There are many sources of alternative power in and on the Earth. The most common examples of these alternatives are wind power, geothermic power, and hydroelectric power. These sources of power are all completely natural and could help us to shape up the Earth and make it a less polluted place to live.

The first alternative power is wind power. Wind power is obtained by erecting giant wide turbines high into the sky. The wind turns these turbines blades like a fan. As the blades spins, the generator inside the turbine spins and creates electricity. Although it takes a large amount of these turbines to generate enough electricity to power a city, it is much better than using fossil fuels to do the job. This in turn pollutes less than putting harmful gases and pollutants into our atmosphere by way of fossil fuels.

The second choice for alternative energy is geothermic power. This works by running huge pipes into the Earth’s core and using the heat to boil water and create steam. The steam rises up and turns a blade that turns a generator. As the generator spins it creates electricity. This process is much more time and money consuming then the rest of the alternative energies, it is also more trouble than its worth. In order for this power to even make a difference you would have to build thousands of buildings and run thousands of miles of pipe to get the desired energy level and be able to power a city.

The last source of alternative energy is also the most common. This alternative energy is hydroelectric power. This process is done by building dams, like the Hoover Dam for example, the largest of the dams. This process starts by building the dam itself. The water going into the dam is flowing through generator blades and turning them at a very fast rate. This causes the generators to create electricity at a very fast rate. In my opinion this is the best kind of alternative energy simply because it is so effective and creates more electricity then usually needed to power a town or city.

In conclusion, these are the best ways to conserve our Earth from being completely polluted and nasty. These ways are helping clean our Earth and we need to start being more dependent on them. This in turn would make our Earth a cleaner, better, and more green place to live.

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