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May 14, 2012
By Anonymous

"You don't fool around with Natural Law and get away with it." This quote comes from an interview with Oren Lyons. Oren Lyons belongs to the Onondoga tribe, he is also the spokesman for the Iroquois Confederacy. He believes that Natural Law can't be gotten away with, unlike Man's Law. He also implied that Natural Law was common sense. Oren Lyons is correct; you can't fool around with Natural Law and get away with it.

Who really wins in Natural Law vs. Man's Law? Man's Law is actual law but sometimes you can get away with it. Natural Law, however, seems to be less complicated and seems to have one side; you break it, you pay. Sort of like karma. You can get away with both but at what price. Oren Lyons believes, that Natural Law is even bigger than Man's Law. Oren believes that keeping everything clean specially the water is being with Natural Law because water is what keeps us alive. Kill the water you kil the people who drink it, thereyby ourselves. Just like pollution has an effect on us, when it's our own fault.

Pollution has been an issue throughout this decade specially water, air and land pollution. Land pollution is basically the pollution of the environment, that causes diseases in humans and animals. Water pollution occurs when water is contaminated with waste. Air pollution is when hazardous chemicals are released into the atmosphere and they can cause harm to anyone. This example relates because as Oren Lyons said you don't fool around with Natural Law and get away with it, these types of pollution come back and have effects on the future.

Getting away with Man's Law is easier unlike Natural Law according to Oren Lyons. Man's Law which is really regular laws. Getting away with Man's Law means getting a good lawyer, fighting in court and winning. For example, I recently read a passage about a fight with a local indigneous tribe and a pretrolium company. The petrolium company began taking petrolium out of the land that belonged to the indigenous tribe. They both went to court, the petrolium company had a good lawyer and won. The case was closed and they couldn't do anything about it.

In conclusion, I agree with the quote "You don't fool around with Natural Law and get away with it," as said by Oren Lyons. He believes that no one can get away with Natural Law but they can with Man's Law sometimes. I also agree because I believe that Natural Law shouldn't be gotten away with. Also, according to him Natural Law is also just common sense like his beliefs about keeping water pure because all life depends on it.

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