Del Mar

May 14, 2012
By vlarson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
vlarson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Every day I make a journey for the basic needs of survival, and for the enlightenment of my soul. My only constant companion is the waves, whom toss me here and there. It’s alright with me, though, for nothing is more reliable than my sea.
My sea drowns out the doubts and failures of the past, ever-moving, pushing me forward. Lurching to and fro, it never brings me down. My sea never takes me out further than I can handle. It keeps me always in sight of my home near the shore.
Though my friends change with these tides, my sea is the same. It will take me where I belong, and to where I need to be. My loving sea carries my dreams to the shores to share with the places of the world.
Each morning, the sun streams in ripples to my eyes, wakening me slowly, and never rushing me. My gentle sea. Through the day, though the weather may change, underneath the surface, my sea never changes on me. Though thunder and hurricanes rage above, my wonderful sea would never hurt me.
Be it frigid or humid, my sea lets me float along. The songs and choruses swell with the tides. Humming me home, my sweet sea, provides a constant melody, taking me on journeys through the world. Show me the wonders, my wise sea.
You, who have seen the ages, reject none, my accepting sea and protect all, my brave sea. You, who never backs down, have taught me courage. I’m so thankful that you have never failed me, oh, my wonderful sea, so beautiful and radiant.
Wave me along home, my warm sea. Never leave me, and I will never be afraid. Stay, my lovely sea. Never go away, and never let your waves stray. You comfort me well, wrapping your lapping arms around me, pulling me close.
And so when I look out at you, my sea, I know there is nothing bad about you. You are the purity left in this world, my innocent sea. Only you could save me this way, my sea. Only you could do all things at once.
I yearn for your power, envy your strength, and wonder how you came to be, my timeless sea. Surviving all odds, you never give up, my strong sea. You never see my faults, never shun me away, and I never do wrong to you, my forgiving sea.
And at the end of the day, my sea sings me to sleep, with the softest melody I ever heard. My constant and stunning companion. My glorious sea.

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