Are there Problems in the World Today?

March 18, 2012
By KnightWriter BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
KnightWriter BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
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You could say the world is in harmony and everything is peaceful. Well I am here to tell you it’s not. But that is exactly why good people like me and you are here. We need to help people ieveryay that we can. I can remember one time a while back where I got the chance to help someone else.

I did not think that simple acts of kindness really mattered to people. I really did not think that anyone really cared. I found this out when I was living in England. In our ward at church there was this lady. I do not know how old she was. It must have been ancient because she had snow white hair and wrinkle up to the yin yang. There were tons. Also there was this wheelchair she drove. It could reach up to I do not know. Maybe three or four miles an hour. Every Sunday when we would come to church she would be driving herself in on this little automatic wheelchair. Once she entered it was time to hide your toes and not let here catch sight of so much as a toe other wise she was over there in a flash ready to give you the flatten appendage treatment. I always sat to the middle of our bench so I never had to worry. Well once church ended I was on my way to my next class when I hear this buzzing noise. I look behind me and am horrified. Zooming my way at four miles an hour was the old lady herself. I did not know where to go. There was nowhere to hide, so I made my own hiding spot. I quickly yanked open the nearest room door and hide behind it. The buzzing was louder now and it came to a halt. I was breathing hard now. I had nowhere to run to so all I could do was wait. I cautiously poked my head out to find the old lady was stating at me. She was grinning real big now. I knew now was the moment. My dear toe was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it.
“Thank you little boy for holding the doors open for me,” she muttered.
“You’re…you’re welcome,” I squeaked. The lady then continued through the door into the room. I gave a weak smile. My dear little toe had just survived death. Oh boy I could not believe my good fortune.
What did I learn from this? I had nothing to fear any longer. From that day on I was not scared of this little old lady. That day I held the door open, I watched a little bit of her mean ice complexion that I had always suspected she had fall to the ground. I no longer had to hide in fear of this lady. I could calmly walk over to her and say “Hello” or “Good morning. How are you doing today?” Today I see that this was a good deed. Sure at the time I was just saving my own skin, but it was a good deed. There’s a quote that reads, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” If everyone would do just the little things imagine what the world would be like today?

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