The Poaching of Endangered Animals

March 5, 2012
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How would you feel if your family and friends were slaughtered because of the small amount of resources you provide or withheld? Thousands of endangered animals are being killed because people wish to eat them or keep either their fur, hides, pelts, horns, bones or any other resources they have. In my opinion poaching of endangered animals is pointless, cruel, harsh and can destroy ecosystems, civilizations, cultures, habitats, and animal families.
Poaching and killing of endangered animals or species is cruel, destructive and pointless. In many cases this type of business or act can very briefly better somebody’s life in a non-beneficial way to anyone else except for the poacher making money. Animals play a vital part in a habitat or sanctuary and just might be the deciding factor in the survival of another species or animal.
As a matter of fact, the African Wild Dog, Mountain Gorilla, Rhino, Great White Shark, toucan, and the United States’ own Bald Eagle were among the six most poached animals in the world during the year 2011. Those six animals were very popular with poachers only because of their furs or edible resources and that is excluding the hundreds and hundreds of elephants, wildcats, deer’s, and national animals killed. I find this to be a cold hard fact whittled out of harsh reality because many of the ways these animals are killed really shows the poachers weakness, low integrity, disrespect for living things. In 1936 the last Arabian Tiger was killed by a Poacher this shows how fragile a population can be. For example even I consider fishing to be perfectly fine because a fish can have hundreds of eggs at a time, but “finning” is not okay. Finning is for mostly sharks, where one will cut off the fin of a shark in order to complete their delicacy. After this is done they throw the shark back in the water, but the shark cant swim so it drowns.
Some may say that poaching can “provide” a lot for humans but the fact of the matter is that most poaching is done for hides, pelts, or furs and these only last a short while. Endangered species live in poverty often times because of the small population they withhold. But killing these species are ten times worst, because like humans mammals often time only have one child at a time so it speeds up the populations diminish. There are many alternatives to eating when it comes to food that we as humans consume and those do not need to necessarily need to include endangered animals simply because some believe they taste better or. A decent percentage of poached animals are eaten but they are eaten without a good purpose. It doesn’t make sense to go out of your way to kill something to eat that happens to be in short supply.
Poaching of any animal is illegal and illegal for a good reason might I add. Killing an endangered animal or killing an animal illegally is cruel and can be stopped by supporting causes that contribute to the downfall of poaching. A 2011 survey proves that over one hundred million animals were killed in one year. This includes Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos, Deer, Birds, Sharks, Whales, Dogs, Rodents, Snakes, And other animals. I can hopefully conclude that endangered animals a innocent and helpless, and that poaching is cruel, unfair, and pointless.

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