The Good; The Bad; The Ugly

January 12, 2012
By BeckhamK818 SILVER, Carthage, Texas
BeckhamK818 SILVER, Carthage, Texas
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Are there pros and cons to oil locations in East Texas? Are oil locations bad for our environment? Why is this issue so important? What are the benefits of oil locations? What are the risks?

As we drive home each and every day, we see these locations. They are significant to everyone in a different way. Whether you are driving a car or flying a plane, oil products are being used in many different ways.
The good that comes from oil drilling in East Texas includes the fact that there is no alternative fuel, and that the land will be reclaimed. We all thought that ethanol production would replace the oil and gas industry, but this has not completely happened yet. Oil production still plays a vital role in our daily lives. The last step includes reclaiming the land. The term “land reclamation” is the process of restoring land back to its original state or to a state better than what it was before. When drilling is complete, oil companies hire workers to come in and reclaim the land. Trees, plants, and grass can be replanted. Gates, fences, and buildings can also be rebuilt.
Although there are benefits, there are also many concerns that come with oil drilling. Have you ever really paid attention to the concerns that are a part of oil drilling in East Texas? A good example of this would be the land that is being destroyed by the continuous construction from these locations. Many times once drilling is complete and the well is moved, the land is destroyed, and the farmer is unable to use this land for crops or any other plants.
Another major concern from oil locations is the fact that reserve pits can kill plants and wildlife around them. Reserve pits are earth in pits, excavated adjacent to oil locations. These pits contain the cuttings from the well being drilled. Often times, animals mistake these pits for bodies of water. When an animal drinks from this area, it can either kill or extremely harm the animal making it very sick.
Oil and gas production also has an ugly side; this includes erosion and traffic. Erosion: the biggest concern of them all! Erosion is the process of weathering due to wind, water, or force of gravity such as oil drilling. Erosion is a concern to environmentalists all over the world. These environmentalists are taking actions to try and help protect our earth from erosion caused by these oil locations.
When wells are drilled, the top soil is removed. Our soil is extremely important to the plant and animal life around. The top soil is vitally important because it is the layer that nourishes. It contains humus, bacteria, fungi, insects, and worms. Plants and animals cannot live successfully in an environment without top soil.
And let’s not forget about the traffic and inconveniences of having oil locations in East Texas. East Texas is continuously growing and with larger cities and towns booming, this creates a major issue for citizens of the area. There has been a lot more traffic in areas such as Longview.
In summary for the pros: whether it’s the fact that there is no alternative fuel or reclaiming the land, oil locations create a positive impact on our daily lives. And in summary for the cons: whether it is destroying the land, reserve pits killing wildlife and livestock, erosion, and traffic, oil locations create a negative force to be reckoned with. So, are there pros and cons to oil locations? Are oil locations bad for our environment? Why is this issue so important? What are the benefits of oil locations? What are the risks? The choice is up to you. Oil locations: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The author's comments:
This was our script for an Agricultural Forum Contest. Writen by us. It includes the issues of oil drilling. This can be linked to many other areas other than just East Texas. Comment if you have any questions.

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