November 29, 2011
By BigTimeRushWorshiper BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
BigTimeRushWorshiper BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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“BOOM!” There goes another animal dying, and it’s all the hunters fault! Animals are becoming endangered because of stuff like this. We do nothing to prevent it, even though we can! We need to start taking control and helping the animals.

Almost all animals are becoming endangered because they are hunted for a sport, sold for pet trade, destruction of habitat, pollution, etc. Oil spills, acid rain, and water pollution are all examples of pollution. According to Endangeredspecie.com, to protect the endangered species, we could conserve their habitats by protecting their habitat in a national park, nature reserves, or wilderness areas. If this could help save most the animals, we at least need to try.

Some people ask, “Why is saving the animals such a big deal?” According to the Endangered Animals of The World Society, “The more species disappear, the more entire eco-systems become vulnerable and would eventually fall apart as the links in the food chains become broken. We humans never know how valuable a species of animal or plant may be for us in the future, perhaps as food, medicines (particularly plants) or specific information.” Sure, we might need some animals for food or clothes, but if everyone really cared, we could find other safe, environmental ways.

Did you know animals also help where they live. According to Aboutmyplanet.com, “Destroying plant life increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which worsens the greenhouse effect. Each year the earth’s temperature is rising, resulting in dying wildlife and a disrupted food chain. Nature is drastically impacted by even a one-degree change in temperature. Human skin cancer has skyrocketed, as have eye problems and respiratory disorders due to ozone depletion and poor air quality. Plants are being destroyed that may hold potential cures for many human diseases.” So, if you want to get sick, keep killing them.

As people who depend on the earth for everything, animals should mean something to you. We should all be thankful for what they do for us, and stop taking advantage of them. Think about this next time you go to kill an animal.

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