The Big Bad Wolf

November 29, 2011
By vmanwyo BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
vmanwyo BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? You should be. Wolves are ferocious killers that murder other species by the hundreds for sport. How long will it be before a camping trip gone awry leaves your child in the jaws of one of these “fluffy, cuddly, chihuahuas.” They have destroyed the elk population at Yellowstone, they simply kill for fun, and they can really hurt a rancher’s only source of income. Wolves are an environmental hazard and their population should controlled.

Wolves are greatly responsible for the great decline of elk in Yellowstone National Park. Wolves are not the only reason for the massive elk decline in the past years but are a great contributor. “Grizzly bears, coyotes, black bears, golden eagles, and wolves take an average of 32% of the northern range of elk caves each year.” Says the ecology and management for Yellow Stone national park.

Why not kill for fun, Canis Lupus (wolf) does it all the time. They are cold blooded killers. Wolves have been proven guilty for hundreds of random animal deaths, says C. Berlin, an expert on animal behavior. They kill for something simple like tap dancing your toe onto ‘wolf land’. Because your little girl strays just to far from the campfire, you never see her again. ARE THEY STILL SO CUTE? Many people over look the teeth and claws and that’s how disaster can strike in a blink of an eye.
In addition to killing harmless elk, children, and what ever else they want to mutilate, they viciously murder cattle.This is a personal blow to Wyoming and all the farmers who work so hard to raise these animals. Not only do these hard working people labor for your McDonald's happy meal, but for a good enough income to do it again the next year. Could you bear to watch as your months of labor rot in a ditch with maggots and flies feasting upon what the wolves didn’t even want to touch?
The wolves that we have in Wyoming aren't even native to our environment. These over grown ‘poodles’ were shipped here from Canada after they were hunted into extinction in the Yellowstone area. Canadian wolves are much larger and more aggressive than their southern cousins. They started from just a few, and then their population shot to over 4,000 says Yellowstone animal specialist John M. Robinson.
These are the reasons why wolves are not just bad, but a crime against nature.Wolves kill for fun, they can completely ruin a Rancher’s business for the whole year, and they can destroy entire species that could take years to recover, or not recover at all. Everyone that took nothing away from this I suggest a compromise. We don’t have to completely kill them off but we should issue more wolf tags and we should be able to control their population. I am not saying they are not good for the environment in some ways, but not when they dominate every other species.

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